Met gala event takes place every year in NYC. It can cost upwards of $30k just to attend. This years theme and fashion will make you feel…


  1. I was never interested in Lana Del Ray.

    A Jew told me that Jews were only accused
    of killing Jesus but that nobody cares anyways.

  2. They used this theme to mock Jesus Christ, but none of these goddess worshipers dared to make fun of mother Mary.
    It all goes back to goddess worship.

  3. Catholic beast church, and Hollywood sell outs! One life time of fame for eternity in hell…..yeah pathetic water heads of the so called elite!

  4. Because of all the blind sheep that hang on every word these so called actors and singer say the world has gone to hell in a hand bag. People had better wake up before it's to late.

  5. Can u do a video on hill songs music video peace it's really weird and it has gotten a lot of controversy it even has more dislikes because it literally looks demonic and actually made me cry for some reason, Idk I just want your view on it

  6. Wait until they meet the real Jesus I will be too late repent now Jesus saves Jesus loves you stop marking Jesus he came to wash your sins ways he came to forgive you if you're reading this confess him as your lord and savior ask him to forgive your sins invite him to your heart and start a relationship with him Jesus is the king Jesus is the Lord Jesus is the son of God he is the way the only way there's no other way no matter how dirty you feel right now the blood of Jesus can cleanse your sins away..repent repent before it's too late

  7. Thumbed it up , but that means I hate, those who hate God !
    I hope they come to repentance , IN THIS ONE LIFE that we get, but by what the Bible says , we are unlikely to see any repentence from this kind of people.
    One Chance only ( You people who went to this ) and anyone else NOT washed clean in The Blood of The Lamb .
    You'll have ALL eternity to repent , in Hell , but God won't hear you .

  8. At this event , was where Donald Trump prposed to your first lady ! ( For the obvious record ) he wasn't 'invited' this year !

  9. Anyone ever notice that the MSM, which includes ALL entertainment and celebrities as well, pushes all this Hillary Clinton (a Zionist) type librallism ,you know, all the decadencence, racebating where racism does not exist etc., etc., completely omits the horrors and crulty Israel commits on the Palestinians? Israel is the ZIONIST DEEP STATE.

  10. Listen, I watched everything that you posted on A call for an Uprising. I just subscribed to your channels 2 and 3. Don't give up man, you speak the truth!

  11. Man, it's so disgusting. I only watch the meteo channel before I leave for work in the morning and I don't watch t.v. or listen to any of the new music videos, because I get so upset with what they get away with.

  12. It’s bs but they will find out and pay in the end. What can ppl really do? You know who owns the media…

  13. Catholics are head of illuminati they murdered millions of christians in eorope so everyone escaped to america thats why america was originally a christian country, but unfortunatly hollywood and media are brainwashing the masses so they end up in hell with the jews.

  14. The Met gala was completely demonic costumes and it looked disgusting. Jared is a creep. Who knows what is going on inside there and what ritual chants they're doing. Yes it has become a satanic event. Yes celebrities are force fed on us….and most are witches. It is all satanic. They probably all drank blood and toasted their billions made off of the pathetic peasants who worship them.

  15. Everything he is saying, is what I was trying to educate my friends on and their excuse was that it's "art" and that they're "breaking the norms of fashion" .. smh


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