Nikki get off of work early so we take an impromptu trip to Universal Studios Orlando. I don’t think the northerner have set off on vacation yet as the wait time were really short so we were able to so are favorite rides with little to no waiting by using the single rider lines. We’re talking the Mummy roller coaster, the Escape From Gringotts ride, MIB and Rip Ride Rocket…all under 5 minutes wait time. Maybe going to Universal Studios at dinner time is the best way to do it!

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  1. You guys are super sweet and I have been subbed for a long long time and I watch very often btw thx for the tips I use them every time i go

  2. Im going to go to i o a and universal on my birthday on 7 days on june 27 can you go on that day because when i saw your channel i wanted to see you in person

  3. Keep the impromptu videos coming love getting on YouTube y’all have new videos 😍❀️❀️, Yes your right about the gringotts ride the bars are’s was my favorite ride there.

  4. I agree with you about Gringotts. I am shorter than you and I especially find the back seats more uncomfortable. Please Universal don't theme the ride after the latest Mummy movie. I love that ride and it is a great start to any day at Universal.

  5. My boyfriend and I have a countdown to HHN on our wall! πŸ˜‚ SO excited! I love the Mummy sooooo much! I actually didn't even know it was a roller coaster the first time I got on it, i expected closer to gringotts and there was no line so we ran through the area and didn't read any signs. Boy was I surprised when it launched πŸ˜‚ love your videos! 😊

  6. Rick and Nikki which part did you go visit? I understand there are 2 sides to U.S.O. Which side would recommend for 3 Teenagers 19,17,15?

  7. LOL my son started laughing when you said being tall with long legs and a man that ride is very uncomfortable he don't really like that ride because of that reason my son is almost 6 '3.

  8. Love the mummy too!! Fave attraction there. And I feel just like you do! I am so ready and just as excited for HHN..can't wait, we start our countdown for the next year as soon as one is over! ~Dawn

  9. Lockers for Mummy are going inside. It's rumored after HHN the ride is going down for refurbishment. The launch system is getting an upgrade, the brake system is getting work and of course small things. They did have a lot of stuff for sale in the prop shop including signs and a Mummy mask that used to be used for Imhotep. It all sold pretty quick.

  10. Great day out we are just waiting for the pound to rally against the doller then we are set really enjoyed thanks for sharing see you again soon

  11. Great tips always enjoy watching. The tips helped me w/my universal trip and it was so nice to meet you guys 😁😁

  12. Thanks for the quick vicarious trip! Love the shirt Nikki! Some day, I’ll be able to go more often and hang with the cool kids!

  13. Re: The former T2-3D ride replacement…….Universal has patented a new ride technology and have acknowledged the production of ride-filming of "Star Trek" with Chris Pine & Crew. The ride system will be a circular platform, similar to Jimmy Falon's square one. The platform will rotate to reveal different scenes mixing projection, practical and live action effects.


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