I arrived safe in Craiova. No problems except the cold weather.

My motorcycle trip to Bulgaria will continue tomorrow.


  1. How do you keep your helmet from fogging up? In these kind of conditions my helmet always tends to fog up even though I have a pinlock visor

  2. Do you have winter tires on? Some european countries, including Romania, have laws preventing vehicles to go on roads without them.

  3. I try to ride at least once every month of the year, even below zero. But then I make sure the roads are dry. I see there's a lot of traffic that keeps the road from freezing where you are.

  4. It was just as u said very dangerous and specially when u said (u have this time… 0:44sec) the white car on ur left side ended up not well LOL. sorry for laughing but it was somehow funny.
    I wish u a safe travel and also great channel loads of useful information thanks a lot

  5. You said I don't ride in winter time before.Look you are on snowy road.
    So it's real adventure.But must be careful cause we need more videos and tips from you.
    Ride safe my friend.

  6. People inside their vehicles are probably saying "what is this crazy guy doing riding his bike in this crazy weather!" 🤘🏼👍🏽

  7. Have a safe trip Pavlin! Ty for showing us the Carpathian Mt in winter ,i was there 3 years ago in summer time and i was always wandering how seems in winter.

  8. In Florida the coldest ride I’ve had was around 38F. I had a full riding suit and heated grips. However I have never ridden in conditions as you just did. And yes, I do understand you saying somehow you’re enjoying yourself. I completely get it. I love riding in heavy fog as it gives me the sensation as if I’m flying a plane. It’s just fun, providing you’re familiar with the road.

  9. Thank you for showing us what not to do. You got balls of steel. Riding in the rain is kind of asking for future potential bike problems. Riding in freezing weather is even harder on the bike. So, I was wondering if you are riding on salted roads. If yes, that would be very hard on the bike.

  10. Omg… you really are a bad ass, at 0:45 on the left side of the screen we can see how bad the conditions are for motorcycle riding … and you still ride your bike!!!! Keep going and be careful please!!!

  11. Even tho' its uncomfortable , theres always a great sense of achievement after riding in the elements, all the best to you buddy … ride safe .

  12. Кажется, вы планируете ездить весь год, но будьте осторожны, сидите в теплое пару дней, приятно смотреть на ваш канал

  13. Dude, you are driven. I respect your “never quit” attitude. I would not ride far in such conditions. And I respect that you keep your videos truthful and from first hand experiences. You rock!!

  14. What you crossed is a low altitude part of Carpathian (Carpati) Mountains. You need to come in the summer, July or August, to ride on Transalpina or Transfagarasan crossings. That's the real deal.


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