In Chicago, winter is cold, summer is humid, but the autumn is – to use the vernacular of my American counterparts – awesome. Here’s my take on the Chicago fall.

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  1. I would love to help out on your 50 state's series but I'm in college at the moment so I can't. I've always wanted to visit America so I'd love to help out a fellow northerner with the same passion.

  2. Awwwww Autumn…. Man, you are spooky talanted. The music, the photography, the humor. Very, very good on you, Lawrence… Truely enjoyed this one. #askabrit… How are the Halloween Holidays spent differently between our two great homelands and Do you enjoy how Halloween is celebrated here?
    Take Care you two…..

  3. Then you would love West Virginia and also Virginia. We are more mountainous but you get to see all the trees changing and all the different colors. And if you take a walk in a local park the smell is so wonderful! You can't forget the smells of autumn. I think I'll make a pumpkin pie tonight. Cheers!

  4. A man from England told me once that our use of 'Fall' instead of 'Autumn' is an example of our lower level of intelligence. I think he was just jealous because his trees don't get all pretty 🙂

  5. Hey Laurence! Take the UPW Metra to Glen Ellyn and walk through Lake Ellyn Park when the leaves really begin to turn crimson. You will not regret doing this. It's truly one of the most beautiful sights at least to me! (I would also find it ultimately cool if you started a "suburbs series" and did one on Glen Ellyn, which is my home town! No obligation of course, just thinking out loud and probably being rude in doing so)

  6. Hi again! I forgot to ask this question but #AskABrit what was your first thought/feeling when you stepped onto US ground/when you got off the plane and realized where you were?
    Second #AskABrit I'm from sunny California and I visited Chicago during summer but I'll be going back in January and I heard the winters there are rather harsh. Any recommendations on what to wear/what to bring? Also, when you come to California during your travel series, I'd recommend you come towards the beginning of "winter". So around late November, early December if the weather isn't too hot

  7. Lovely video again Laurence, you're very talented with the music and photography! This is my favorite time of year here in New England , the crisp air, Apple cider (although I miss the old cider mill where you could get cider from the apples you've picked) and lovely sleeping weather. And No humidity!!!

  8. Glad someone likes autumn. It is too much a reminder that winter is coming. I'll take 90 degree summer days and sudden intense thunderstorms over winter-in-Ohio's endless snow. BTW, that coat suits you.

  9. If you find yourself getting movie deja vu in Chicago (thanks primarily to John Hughes) try coming to Los Angeles and walking around Hollywood Boulevard or Beverly Hills. That's some serious culture shock right there.

  10. ?? Autumn in New York… Why does it seem so inviting… ?? (No dis to Chicago, just a fave song of mine)

    Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. I sometimes wonder if it's because I'm an October baby. I don't think so, though. What I love about Autumn is the crisp, cool air; the sound of crisp leaves underneath my feet; seeing leaves fall from the trees right in front of my face, making their way to the earth with a graceful little spin; the fact I can wear just a sweater out and be comfortable; Pumpkin, Apple Pies and anything fall harvest related; Halloween fun; cozy fireplaces & hot chocolate; snuggling on a brisk Sunday morning; watching the sunset from a porch swing on a cool, crisp evening; fresh cider and warm donuts; hayrides and picking the perfect pumpkin.

    Yeah, Fall is definitely the best by a mile. This has been a rough one for me so far, but I still love the season.

  11. Just discovered your channel, and I love it. Glad you love America despite our shortcomings and love your perspective. Since you've been in Chicago for a while, I would love to hear your Chicago accent. 🙂 I'm from Arkansas, and that accent is the most fun to hear and imitate.

  12. Hi, Laurence;

    You know I'd help you out if I could. I wish I could be a Patron of yours… but right now, times are beyond hard… just trying to keep myself in my apartment. If I can avoid eviction, and if I ever get out of this horrible situation and find myself financially well, you know yours will be one of the first channel's I'll help fund. ❤❤

  13. Welcome to Chicago! As a lifelong Chicagoan, I can tell you that it is quite possible to extend your love of Fall here into a true love and appreciation of Winter. The key is dressing in layers and acclimatization. If you spend time outside (regular long walk on weekends, etc) as the temperature drops in November, by January you can pretty easily handle the nastier days. By February, I find I don't need gloves on days above 10F. (And never allow yourself to sweat while shoveling or walking in the winter – which is where the layering comes in.) This acclimatization is why you will see Chicagoans in tshirts and shorts in March, even thought it might only be 45F. Enjoy!

  14. I am 3rd generation Chicagoan (now suburbs) and I love your observations of our fair city. I didn’t realize fall colors were special, I’ve always loved them, but I thought all places that had 4 seasons experienced the beauty of autumn hues. Thanks for sharing your Chicago thoughts with us ?

  15. Hi, Laurence. Since you are travelling the States, I wonder if you have seen Stephen Fry's series on the 50 states.
    And since I've mentioned Stephen Fry…

    #AskABrit What do you think about Stephen Fry? In my opinion he's one of the great thinkers of our day.


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