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Vancouver is a seafood and treat lover’s playground. With tons of fusion restaurants, asian cuisine, foodie hide aways and great food to be had all over the city Vancouver has way more than five things you should eat. But we tried to narrow it down to our favorite five foods for Vancouver.
What you have to eat in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

1. Japadog: a japanese hotdog that comes with amazing japanese mayo and seaweed strips on top. Find one of their stands around town. There is even one outside the arrival terminal at the airport.
2. Salmon & Seafood: from oysters to haligut to spot prawns and salmon there is so much great seafood in Vancouver you will eat to your heart’s content.
3. Nanaimo Bar: have a Vancouver sweet treat with this layered confection. The base is graham cracker, coconut and chocolate mixed together, then a custard middle, and a top of chocolate.
4. Asian Cuisine: Vancouver has more Asian restaurants than you can count and enjoy! The food is amazing, whether it is awesome sushi, great thai, Chinese, or south Asian, there is so much to eat you won’t want to stop.
5. Eat at Granville Island Public Market: wander the market and find a number of great treats. Our personal favorite was the Salmon Candy.

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  1. I’m in Montréal and now I’m annoyed at you for posting this and making me hungry…the Lower Mainland (region where Vancouver is) is the best for those foods and more. One thing you’ll maybe find out or mention next is that the salmon have seasons, so at your local supermarket one month it will be the coho which are running, next the sockeye, etc. A good Japanese treatment of fish is really common…if only BC was affordable and had any really good night life to speak of.

  2. Also could you talk about how Canadian multiculturalism is different from US’s and how people from different countries get along in Canada? So Caucasian US citizens can assimilate to Canadian ways when they come to Canada. It’s very important.

  3. YESSSSSSS! You should also try poutine (of course), butter tarts and beaver tails. I also miss the warehouse in Gastown and all the bars now that I don't live in Vancouver.

  4. In the summer you have to try:
    Rain or Shine icecream
    Dragon house BBT
    Gami sushi in Richmond
    2nd beach or Kits outdoor pools

    Places to go:
    North Vancouver hikes (Norvan falls, Capilano suspension bridge, Quarry rock)
    Espot (cool place for Billiards/ arcade games) in Richmond

  5. My Uncle lived in the city, so we walked to Granville Island all the time, parking is difficult anyways. No one is going to say that Nanaimo bars, are from Nanaimo, and I don't think the Island should be missed either.

  6. I would highly recommend to you the Pie Company in West Vancouver. You won't be disappointed. Oh I miss Vancouver so much!

  7. And don’t forget: we have many great independent coffee shops too!Also many craft breweries.
    And that’s not a lake, it looks like one of the pools in Stanley Park.

  8. Dude, have you been to the Naam? Internationally famous vegetarian restaurant open 24/7 365 days a year. You must check it out. And have the Miso Gravy.

  9. Hey brother! I'm from Vancouver and would love to help you out if you want any advice or info about Vancouver. I just posted a video for a restaurant you have to try if you're still in Vancouver! Hit me up!

  10. 1:27 – Fat Tug IPA is among the most legendary craft beers in British Columbia and, frankly, one of the best IPAs I've ever had.

  11. Mark, you need to start a new blog called “Wolter’s (name the city) Stomach Contents”
    For Vancouver… no… any coastline city….When they pump your tummy, I bet they find a bent up licence plate. 🐬

  12. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your work. I'm an 18 yo male and I bought my first trip internationally in Madrid, I am scared but also excited, do you have any advice?

  13. Not technically food – but the craft beer scene is outstanding. There are two neighbourhoods where you can do a walking brewery tour and visit 4 or more breweries – if you can handle it (Clark and Hastings; Main and 7th).

  14. North Shore Discount Tour: Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge and forest walk (free!) the Cypress Mountain viewpoint; Lonsdale Quay Market (and Friday night beer garden with band); Seawall walk from Ambleside Beach to Dundarave; Honeys Donuts in Deep Cove. PS – Honeys donuts deserves its own place in your what to eat list. Enjoy!

  15. Been living in Vancouver for 8 years and Sushi is a staple in Vancouver living (even when its bad its still cheap and filling) .Everything said is good put more on the pricy side (for most locals anyways.) Check out Mount Pleasant, Commercial drive and hastings sunrise areas for more affordable yet good eating spots that locals eat at with out the central downtown prices.

  16. Great list Wolter! You nailed it. Most travellers don't know about Richmond night market but it's definitely worth a visit.

  17. The thing about eating in Vancouver is you have to go to the suburb that has a lot of people of that race for the most authentic food— Richmond = chinese food, surrey = Indian food, commercial drive = Italian, north van = Persian food

    Obviously you can find diverse food all over the city but that's a little guideline to follow 😂


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