This time I fly with Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen. I will show you my flight to the Faroe Islands, the amazing island of the Atlantic. I’m doing it in one of the airline’s Airbus A320neo, LN-RGL, which was their very first neo to be delivered in October 2016.

I’m going through boarding, the cabin, the seats, the legroom, the toilet, and even a quick on the plane from the outside. The idea was that from the window seat see this amazing island but the weather was not quite perfect.

Have you flown with SAS? In one of their A320neo? Even LN-RGL? What did you think? Please leave a comment and if you do not already subscribe to the channel, feel free to do so. 🙂

My blogposts about Faroe Islands (in Swedish):

My first trip report of A320neo LN-RGL, ARN-OSD on October 26 2017:

Airline: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
Aircraft: Airbus A320neo (A20N, LN-RGL, 2016)
Date: March 2, 2018
Flight: SK1777
Seat: 28F
From/to: Copenhagen CPH – Vagar, Faroe Islands (FAE)
Departure/arrival: 11:00 (CET) – 12:15 (UTC)
Actual departure/arrival: 11:26 (CET) – 12:19 (UTC)
Flight time: 1:53h
Great circle distance: 1,348 km


  1. Nice report, i'm actually from the Faroe Islands, and it's so typical that the SAS flight is almost empty, while Atlantic Airways is always full!


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