Find out why Lisbon is a great destination for a city break and discover my top visits and activities!

Try and find the embarassing subliminal images I hid in the video 😉

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Directing: Tolt
Editing: Tolt & Sylartichot
Shot by Tolt & Julie Didier
Theme music composed by Léo Vincent

Cinematic Background Music by AShamaluevMusic
ON THE WEEKEND – Nicolai Heidlas


  1. Hi, Your video was amazing! Must've taken some time to make this? I'm trying to get some more subscribers and I'm searching for people like you, with the same interests. Could you help me out?

  2. Portugal is such a great country, man!
    We just came back from filming in Lagos ourselves, also such a cool place in Portugal.

  3. Love this video! Lisbon seems to be an interesting city for sightseeing, and it remembers me in some parts to San Francisco. Maybe I will visit Lisbon in the near future. I am curious to see the Golden Gate Bridge No. 2 :-)) Best regards, Stefan


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