Extinct Disney! The Disney Theme parks are home to hundreds of Disney characters. The characters are a big part of the theme park experience but over the years, there have been some weird and interesting characters in the parks. The 90’s at Walt Disney World, especially at MGM Studios were a much different time and when you take a took back at Disney theme park history, you’ll find these extinct characters. From The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the weird disappearance of Roger Rabbit, and the Magical World of Barbie at Epcot, there was no shortage of weird characters. So sit back as we take a look at the Top 5 Weird & Extinct Characters at the Disney Theme Parks! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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  1. I saw the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” at the cinema when it was first released (in 1988). I also saw the Roger Rabbit short “Tummy Trouble” at the movies (as it was shown before “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”) in the late 1980s. As a kid, I was absolutely obsessed with Roger Rabbit. One of the best cartoon characters EVER! 👍

  2. Dick Tracy was AWESOME. Wish the movie was still owned by Disney, I'd love to hang out with Flattop, Big Boy Caprice and Mumbles.

  3. I worked at Lights, Motors, Action in 2010 and used to see the Power Rangers come out and do their things every other day 😛 I never really thought too much about it but now that I watch this it should have occurred to me how strange having a meet-and-greet with them was.

  4. My first trip to Disney World was in '89. There's a home video of my siblings and I walking around a Roger Rabbit (play?) area. Don't know if it was actually a play area or if it was just the exit area of the stage show. Haven't watched the video in awhile and even then there might not be enough footage to tell. I do remember that there were "wooden" boxes (maybe they were actually wood). You'd open up a box and hear sound effects like a train.

  5. Whoever said Frozen in Norway is bad can I please have an argument
    It's the best ride at Epcot, no lie

  6. I remember actually seeing one of the Power Rangers back in 2009! XD
    But I was never really a fan, so I wasn't too interested.
    Too bad we can't see Roger Rabbit anymore though… T_T

  7. I would bring back Roger Rabbit.
    You failed to mention the entire Building dedicated to the acme company with the Dip machine and life sized Jessica rabbit cut up for photo opps. The building that eventually got taken over by Goosebumps which I felt was more out of place then Roger rabbit.

  8. Bet y'all never heard that Tom & Jerry once roamed the Disney MGM Studios in 1993 (got the info off the Tom & Jerry The Movie demo VHS)

  9. Disney seriously f***ed themselves when they dropped Roger Rabbit. They cut his appearances at the peak of his popularity. Michael Eisner was an idiot anyway, I hated seeing his ugly mug every Saturday night when he’d introduce the movie being shown on Disney Channel; that’s when they actually had decent programming instead of preadolescent garbage.

  10. wait, I just realized that for Barbie and Ken, they are actually a Disney property now, since they are one of the main characters in Toy Story 3

  11. I briefly saw (didn’t wait to meet them, but walked by) the power rangers meet and greet in winter of 2008. That’s the last time I’ve been, and had been the first time since about 2003-4 to go, so it was very bizarre for my family to see them there. My dad chalked it up to “Its Hollywood Studios now, they’re probably trying to bring in some more teen entertainment”. Little did my dad know that power rangers are for 6 year old boys lmao

  12. didn't know any but Barbie, wasn't able to go to the park during the time- wasn't thought of yet. but i did acquire 2 Barbie at Disney VHS's but lost them as i grew up ;(

  13. I swear I remember seeing Barbie at Epcot. There may have just been a DVD of it but Barbie and Epcot seen together was like everything to me. When I think of Epcot, I think of Barbie

  14. I wish they would have Roger back, I watched the movie just now and would love to meet him and possibly Jessica.


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