Here are my top 5 favorite things to do in Las Vegas, NV. In light of recent events, I decided to make this video so that people can see there is so much to do and see in Las Vegas and to not be turned off by these events. Continue to travel. Las Vegas has a lot to offer that is NOT casinos.
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A horrible thing happened in LV. I don’t want this to scare people from traveling. This is why I made this video. I’m not a casino person, so finding things to do in Las Vegas that do not involve casinos or gambling is important to me. If you love ferris wheels then you will love the High Roller. It’s the tallest one in the world at 550 FT. If you prefer to stay grounded then maybe the Neon Museum is more for you. They have a backyard filled with neon signs that have been collected over the years from the history of Las Vegas. I absolutely love neon signs and it was cool to see how neon signs work and the history behind them. Then again if you want to be more of a thrill seeker then maybe doing the Slotzilla Zoomline Zipline is for you! You can fly down the Freemont Street Experience. I’m a foodie. So after you have all of your Las Vegas adventures, then you should definitely check out some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. There’s a lot of food options. I went with Smith & Wollensky’s while I was in Las Vegas for my birthday last year.

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  1. God your bright I hope your channel does numbers cause it should your real down to earth and caring great show face your the total package u need to go towards news events bet ud get way way way more veiws I'll watch u ether way in my spare time cool to see other parts of the world seeing I can't travel as of now small kids wanna keep them safe were I know hahah any way keep um coming can't wait to see u blow so I can say I was here early haha

  2. It is very important that youtubers like you,Casey and others inspire and support people to continue going to Vegas because we have to fight back to all of the terrorist that do not have respect with the human being and want to destroy this beautiful planet with stupid ideals.

  3. Es importante que las personas no se dejen llevar por el miedo y el terror de aquellos que no tengan conciencia y que por unos ideales lo único que desean es destruir nuestro planeta y que para ellos ni niños ni personas mayores les importe. Apoyemos a Las Vegas, apoyemos a todas las instituciones que están colectando dinero , a Casey Neistat y gracias Romina por tu ayuda.Sigamos adelante

  4. Thank you for making this video Romina. It's important for people to know that bad events should not stop people from traveling. I really want to go to the neon sign museum now! ??

  5. The Las Vegas incident was horrible but Las Vegas is a great place to visit. Btw I think that the sign place was in the movie Mars attack lol

  6. Great video. I’ve seen the destruction of the Twins Towers two weeks after 9/11 (first day going back to work). People should not be in fear to go out. Do not let the terrorists win. (Yes, this guy in Las Vegas was a terrorist).

  7. I’ve been to Las Vegas before, & what happened there is just tragic. Quite ridiculous. Good points in this vid. Never heard of the mob museum, sounds interesting! ??

  8. Awesome places to visit. We just left Vegas today and it was so sad to see how quiet everything is. I spoke with a few of the people working in our casino and they were hoping that people would stop canceling their plans to visit. Many people depend on tourism for their livelihoods there.
    I also wanted to mention the "seven magic mountains" art installation right outside of Vegas. It's a short drive and a super cool photo stopover- plus it's free!! I think it will only be on display for a few more months.


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