Traveling with Kids to San Diego, California. Visiting museums at Balboa Park, San Diego: Veterans Museum and Memorial Center, Museum of Photographic Arts, and Mingei International Museum. Then we stopped by Lucha Libre Taco Shop for dinner.

This is a travel vlog that explores California from a kid’s perspective. We visit amusement parks, museums, festivals, and other family friendly attractions. Subscribe so you won’t miss an episode of our YouTube kids travel videos! #kidifornia

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  1. Never been I been fan of Museums, but the Museum of Photographic Arts this looks interesting… WAIT!! WAS THAT A FART AT 3:09 HAHAHAHA I AM DYING!! ???

  2. Really cool video with so much interesting information. Couple months ago we spent two weeks in San Diego and during that time visited Balboa Park several times and tried to attend as many museums as possible. We were able to cover most of them. I am not big fan of museums but my seven years old daughter truly enjoys them.

  3. Is that mural ever colourful! And that composition made out of tiny faces was really cool 😀 OMG the fart though… I totally would have thought it was a chair squeak if Shawn didn't point it out ???

  4. First museum looks educational but you had me at the photography one 😀 Hey brother does not have a fat butt 😉 The Mingeu one is really up my alley too.

  5. Those Chinese writings are weird at 1:05 :O I wonder if an American wrote it!
    haha that sealion is adorable – I bet it's saying "Whatcha looking at??"
    Love the Japanese exhibit – it's gorgeous!
    So jealous of your taco dinner 😛

  6. Love how nature and friendly your kids are 🙂 The music was perfect for the Veterans Museum. The interactive video of the collage of people was amazing!

  7. Great information, I didn't know there was that much at Balboa Park. I want those chips and all the salsas, was it really good there or more gimmicky?

  8. Very informative, we've been to San Diego but we never got the chance to see this Memorial. Bucketlisted for next time!

  9. Balboa is such a great place for kids! Looks like you had an great time! I used to go a lot when i was a little girl

  10. Your children are so cute and cute cute idea to let your son talking!!! I have been in California for long time but never been in San Diego, I should come back!! and the mexican restaurant!! wow! of course san diego is just few km from mexico border!

  11. To show children the importance of learning about their environment, the world and history of countries by visiting museums is such a great idea. Really cool video – thanks for sharing.

  12. Aww, I love that you start with a giggling blooper 🙂 Although I'm pretty clueless about history, I find war museums fascinating! I was recently in Vietnam where we heard a lot about the Vietnam war, or the US war as they call it 😛 thanks for sharing!

  13. You know, your kids are probably reading their narration, but I am always so amazed at how natural and animated it sounds. Many adults can't even be so entertaining and natural-sounding when reading an informative text like this! And imagine how much they are learning from this without even noticing it, it's just crazy. Once we have kids we will definitely make them narrate our videos hahhaa. Nachos with 8 types of salsa sounds DELICIOUS!

  14. Looks like a lot of fun checking out those museums. There's a lot of different stuff there to appreciate in those museums depending on your mood you could go to one or all of them. That Taco place looks awesome. I love the Lucha theme.

  15. None of the museums that I've been to, have ever allowed me to use the camera inside! This is just great becasue you can show this to the world (through your kids' perspective – even better)!

    Even I learnt a lot from this virtual trip! 🙂

  16. so cool you are doing it with your children! I hope to take my daughter to similar places when she is just a bit older 😉 great pieces of exhibition – could have some of them at home haha

  17. Haha, there's me reading the comments thinking… Did anyone else just catch what I thought I heard at 03:09!??? Yes, yes they did!
    Love the meal towards the end, the way it was presented was so cool!


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