Top 10 reasons NOT to move to Utah. Utah is a great state, it’s just not for everyone.

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  1. The Great Salt Lake smells like a toxic pit as well. You don't get that experience in a picture but boy howdy does it stink.

  2. Don't forget how Robert Redford ruined Park City,Utah @ turned it into The JOLLYWOOD SUNDANCE FESTIVAL!!!!!!!

  3. Briggs, you need to grow up. Utah is a predominately white state. Why should they give a flying fk about MLK?

  4. Hey, if the State of Utah was good enough to filmed the TV show Touch By An Angel with Della Reese and Roma Downy then Utah is good enough for me.

  5. What?!? I loved living in Utah and I’m not morman and black. SLC is the easiest town I’ve lived in and I’ve lived in quite a few.

  6. so they cheated with the Martin Luther Jr vote. so it's admirable for a black man to stand up for his race but when a white man stands up for his by not wanting to have Martin Luther King Jr day it's not admirable??? double stands much?

  7. I'm glad to add your tears to our Great Salt Lake.

    Joking aside, good video. I would have a bunch of things that you didn't even touch in my top ten though.

  8. I like green jello. I could care less about LGBT employment. If anything, we bend over backwards too much for LGBT everything.

  9. Lived there for a short time. The whole state centers around what the LDS church wants. You really feel like an outcast if that's not your thing. The comments I have read regarding that are spot on. You are correct about the fry sauce thing, it's so weird. I like fry sauce, but I also like ketchup.

  10. If this keeps douche bags out of Utah I'm all for it. P. S. The worst drivers are from Missouri… Scientific fact.

  11. REAL things to hate about Utah if you are a transplant.

    #10. Fry Sauce is GROSS!!

    #9. No mom and pop owned restaurants, everything is a nstional chain.

    8.) Have good auto insurance. These U-Tards have no idea how to drive.

    7.) No pornography or strip clubs. Nuff said!!

    6.) No MLB, NHL or NFL teams here. Sucks if you're a true sports fan.

    5.) No lottery tickets!! Whhhaaaatt!!!??

    #4.) The education system is a joke.. they just pass your kids no matter how bad they are.

    #3.) The Mormons/LDS. These cults …I mean religions are insane, especially if you are a Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. The LDS/Mormons own EVERYTHING here.

    #2.) The homeless population is HUGE. Panhandling bums are everywhere. They feel entitled to EVERYTHING they feel is owed to them and most aren't from here.

    Tied @ #2) The drugs and addicts are everywhere. Utah is a gorgeous state but these drugged out zombies here are growing in HUGE numbers.

    #1.) The grid system for street names is nuts. If you look a place up it'll give you coordinates not a physical address.

    Also tied at number one… The price of living here is outrages. Two bedroom apartment rents for $1,400+ and the wage per hour isn't competitive with the rest of the country. Forget home ownership.. not unless your ass is rich?

    All in all, Utah IS a beautiful state. The mountains, the desert, the forests, amazing sunsets, etc. But I'm counting down the days until I can move back to the east coast.

  12. #6 spot on! Rudest drivers in the world. I drive a semi, if i see Utah plates, Im not yielding for you entering the highway!

  13. Yeah Utah isn't just a desert I live over in North Ogden it gets pretty hot but it gets really cold here too


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