Top 10 reasons NOT to move to New York. The whole state of New York.

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  1. If you think taxes are bad in NYC try owning a house in NJ or CT. Anywhere outside of the city taxes are at least double the NYC property taxes. And as far as crime goes it’s at the lowest level since WW2. Provo Utah has a higher crime rate per capita than NYC. As the old saying goes, “when you leave New York City you’re going nowhere.”

  2. I have a house just outside NYC and a house in rural western Ma. And the reason people can afford to live there is generally people make very large salaries. In my town the average home cost well over a million dollars. Its nothing for a family to make 500, 000 to million a year. I prefer my rural home but money needs to be made. There are over 200, 000 multiple millionaires in NYC. NYC is a safe city and I have never had and issue and the food is the best. I hate the Yankees, go Red Sox,

  3. I don’t see any problems with any of the reasons except for cost of living and maybe taxes.. but A LOT OF opportunities to make it big. And i wonder why so many mf people live here anyways… nothing like it.

  4. The are two NYs. The city, and then the rest of the state. Crime is very very low outside the city limits. New York's biggest problem is the lousy politicians that run it. Taxes are ridiculously high and the people get very little value for it. Schools in the city are terrible. If not for the decades of mismanagement the state is beautiful.

  5. You didn't really even talk about the state, all you really did was knock the city. You don't know nothing about the state

  6. the crime rate in New York City is sorta bad sometimes not all the time but not as bad as some of the cities in New York State like Buffalo Niagara Falls and Poughkeepsie

  7. Regarding #8 – the Garbage Plate is called Plate Lunch in Hawaii. It consists of white sticky rice, macaroni salad, and meat. Spam meat is rampant here. In fact, Spam and rice are dietary staples. That's why you see so many obese people here.

  8. Grew up in New York State, lived in Manhattan 13 years. Most of this is bang on, just never heard of a garbage plate. I now live in Colorado and would NEVER dream of moving back. My laundry room here is bigger than my former West Village apartment. New Yorkers aren't necessarily rude and can be strangely helpful but they are incredibly abrupt and don't hesitate to say exactly what they think, no matter how critical. I can see wny people from more courtly places get freaked out.

  9. Greetings from the great state of Texas your veidos are interesting but you don't have to use cuss words it's not cool and makes a person come across as trashy nand uneducated

  10. "Where to go and fit in if you miss your salty pals from childhood"
    And…. "I'M WALKIN' HEAH!" >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  11. You on dope and dog food, never confused NYC with upstate New York it's as different as night and day. What you call rude, which is a characteristic found in or label placed on New Yorkers [NYC[ we call direct. Trim the fat, and don't attempt to baffle me with bullshyt attitude, and we wear that attitude with pride.
    Now, the tourist game is important to the economy of NYC, when people talk about visiting NY. they're talking about NYC for the most part. Upstate if you have family there, like the outdoors hiking, nature and shyt or going to school there. Yes, that tax game is crazy on that I can agree, but you shouldn't be planning on moving to Gotham unless you have a plan. NYC is for those chasing a dream, not for someone just looking to move somewhere, we have Connecticut or Jersey for that. You need to have that fire in your belly if you plan on making a move to the big apple, this ain't the place to come stumbling around.

  12. You really had to struggle on this video. NYC is the greatest place you will ever visit. The weather isn't that bad. If some snow in the winter or some heat in the summer bother you, toughen up. There is so much that is great about the state. Visit some of the state parks like Letchworth or Watkins Glen to name two. Visit the Finger Lakes. Go to Lake Placid, Lake George, the Thousand Islands, Fort Niagara, Fort Ticonderoga. I could go on and on. With the exceptions of taxes and democrats it's a pretty cool place.

  13. No. 10 with that woman is just about all it taker to keep me out
    the crime rate is simmer to that of EAST L A that is unreal
    And it costs more to live there who in there right mind wants
    any part of this not me

  14. I have to call your bullshit on the New York Crime rate. It's recently fallen to its lowest level in decades and is among the lowest of big cities in the nation. Wikipedia has an entire article on this phenomenon.

  15. Not really rude but annoying and inconsiderate some people in warmer states and around the border talk too much. They don't value other people's time.

  16. New York State is beautiful! I was born and raised in western NY very near Letchworth State park. Home of the Seneca Indian and Mary Jemison trail. It is green with rolling hills….harsh in winter but beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall. All kinds of vegetables and fruit are grown in western NY. Lakes, streams, and rivers are abundant. The Genesee river is amazing with its cliffs and gorges.

  17. NYC is wayyyy overrated. It's not the fun adventurous city that it makes itself out to be. Take it from someone who lived there from 2002-2012. If you are a minority (Hispanic here) be prepared to deal with racism. And you WILL deal with it. Weather sucks, too expensive, dirty, stressful and the people (for the most part) are cold and indifferent with lots of tight cliques and snoots. I live in Phoenix now and I enjoy year round sunshine and warm weather, a relaxed environment, beautiful scenery, clean air, and I pay $750 for a nice apartment in downtown Phoenix. I even make more than I was making in NY. The job market here is great too. You gotta remember that NYC is just another city, nothing special about it.

  18. Almost pissed my pants watchin' this video. Sadly, I can't dispute any of this. I grew up in Brooklyn's Bush Terminal section (Sunset Park?) in the 1950's/60's. The subway cost 15 cents for a token when I was a kid.
    Ya know some of us were just "stuck" there by birth. Yeah yeah, everything you say is spot on. Life in NYC is fast paced so there's little time to waste on ANYTHING. I lived in Bay Ridge from 1973 till moving out in 1989. Brooklyn had a population of four million in those days. Just a bit crowded. I saw the Verrazano (Verrazzano??) bridge and world trade being built, the plane crash in Park Slope (1960) and ship collision in the narrows (1973). Never been to the Statue of Liberty or top of the Empire State Building.
    Best way to find an apartment in NYC???? Check to obituaries! As we used to say, fuhgeddaboudit.

  19. Years ago I was in a C store getting some lunch near where I worked, and there was a loud mouth in there giving the cashier a hard time. He kept saying he demanded better because he was from nyc,,,, I turned and told him that we still hang yankees in this backwoods town, and he immediately shut up…

  20. A few of those are really bogus. Like New York has the most ethnically diverse excellent food in the world. Food is not crap lol And what a bogus exaggeration that you have to make $125, 000 in New York is equal to someone that makes minimum wage in Mississippi. That's a crock of crap.

  21. # 3 traffic, where the hell do you get your stats from??? In Syracuse traffic is extremely light, with one exception the week of the Gr8 NY State fair when we usually get a million people to come in 9 days. Anywhere downstate suburbs NW of NYC would laugh at what we call traffic. Matter fact I heard with cities over 100,000 people in population, Syr ranks in the lowest 30 in all of the USA. What locals call traffic here is 5-10 mins during peak rush hour. Other than fair, only other time it can be up to 30 mins is if a 18 wheeler truck who decides to be evil k, flips over when going over speed limit in a mild ice storm.

  22. oh and Roch being snowiest cityy would only be right if you are talking only cities over 200,000 in their city, if over 100,000 then correct answer is Syr, with 128 inches a year at airport. But that # can jump to about 200 ins a yr N and NE of city. With less than 90 s and west of Syr. We joke with peope who don't live here, SW of Syr is Ithaca where they only get a flurry, of a whole 60 inches a year!

  23. New York, like California, is leaning too far left on the political spectrum. That's why they are slammed with taxes and regulations. As a California resident myself, I'm all for taxes to a point, but can we find a middle ground somewhere? New York and California residents need to wake up and smell the rats in office.

  24. It's a state and not just the City? I wouldn't have guessed considering how the State literally only survives because of us in the City lol. Leeches.

  25. Good job on your videos bro. I added more countdowns if your interested. Thanks and keep up the good work! Cool channel


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