Top 10 best towns in Colorado. These are the best places to live.
Colorado is one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the United States. Enjoy.

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  1. you forgot to mention fort collins and Colorado. those are truly the best towns in Colorado. like if you agree!

  2. I'm a native. Morrison is white trash. Glad you didn't mention where I live now. Pot heads and black trash from Katrina have taken over Denver and suburbs. The capitol area downtown is embarrassing as a native. I was always advising tourists to leave..dont waste your time. Crime and homelessness is everywhere.

  3. Colorado sucks, seriously Denver and Colorado springs COL is so high and the small towns are cool to visit but unemployment is high and jobs are not what you say they are…oh yeah i do live in Colorado and Im a business professional in economics…so yeah i know what Im talking about. Im so out of this state…not worth the hype

  4. Aspen is insanely expensive, actually all Roaring Fork Valley down to Glenwood Springs. Huge home construction on both sides of H82, not good.

  5. Love Colorado. Vacation there every year. Love all the breweries. Golden Pike is my favorite beer so far. Still have MANY more to try.

    Looking for good suggestions to try when I go this year.

  6. Lol no crime in Morrison because nobody wants to drive past the fucking cops they plant at the entrance to their town.

  7. You only added towns from northern colorado. What about Durango, silverton, ouray, telluride, etc.

  8. Except for Aspen, those are all front-range cities. You've got to get up in the mountains to find the good places to live.

  9. Yes, Colorado is the most wonderful state there is. But stop saying it. Now everyone is moving here and it sucks.

  10. Hell yes. I live in parker colorado. First picture is of old town parker colorado on mainstreet by O'Brien park. Great place I love it!

  11. I actually live in Colorado so I was interested what some one else would think. My favorite towns include Uray, Estes, and Fort Collins.

  12. I think only aspen deserves to be on this list. As a Colorado native, I’ve been to almost every town and city in Colorado and none of these would I recommend going to.


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