After a long weekend gearing up for the eclipse, it felt like a long journey back from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to Chicago. Thankfully, my wife and I know how to hold down a cracking conversation. At least, that’s how I saw it.

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And since you’ve read this far, you’re almost certainly prepared to stalk me on social media. I am okay with this. Just don’t send me any more of those Kate and William plate sets (I’m looking at you, PrinceWilliamOfficial).



  1. We always used to play the alphabet game on long drives. You look for the letters of the alphabet in order from A to Z on anything outside your vehicle.  The first one to make it to Z wins!

  2. Crunch bar! Love those things….but Currymonster introduced me to Aero mint and now I dream about them….Hahaha…. Be good you two! Take Care.

  3. Licence plate alphabet: find one letter at a time on the licence plates you see- but only one; consecutive letters on the same plate don't count.

  4. Hahaha… this is great.

    You know, I'm totally with you on sharing food, Laurence. Although I'm an extremely caring, sharing kind of girl in general, I have this thing about sharing food items that someone else has partaken from (including when I'm in a relationship… even if he's fine with it). This is not limited to food; it includes drinking from the same straw/glass, eating from the same fork, etc. If it's touched someone else's mouth, you know what? It's suddenly yours. 🙂 lol.

    Am I weird? Am I the only one like this? These are the burning questions I have in life.

  5. A game I always played while driving? Punch buggy. Whenever you see a VW Beetle, in any color, you punch your brother/sister/significant other in the arm and yell "Punch Buggy Yellow" or "Punch Buggy Blue". Granted, I was about 8 years old at the time, but it did help long trips go by faster.

  6. Don't worry, Tarah. I'm partial to Hershey chocolate too. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I grew up literally down the street from the titular city, where the scent of chocolate sometimes wafted in the air, but I gravitate to Hershey's. Milton Hershey was a great man. A man so kind and philanthropic can't have made bad chocolate, right? 🙂

  7. American chocolate…. A loving couple can survive ANY 2 hour drive; of course anything more results in injury, d I v o r c e or even possible death. That's a fact. If I may be sexist for a second, your missus is very attractive (and stoic…).

  8. How about counting how many hours it'll take Laurence to pass driver's ed so his wife doesn't have to be the long haul driver all by herself! 🙂

  9. I know something you could dwell on when you're on a long road trip, have you ever heard of Satellite Radio? After my road trips my ears are bleeding.

  10. One game on the road would be to find every letter of the alphabet in consecutive order. Usually can spot the next letter in a road sign or license plate in front of you. This really doesn't require taking your eyes off the road anymore than usual as you read what's in front of you while driving anyway. It requires the non driver to do more work, sure, but at least the driver can join in from time to time.

  11. Does Lawrence's wife look, to anyone else, the least bit unhappy to anyone else as if she's trying not to gripe at him while being recorded?

  12. I recently took my kids on a 12 hour trip from Mississippi to Disney world and you can never truly appreciate the size of the US until you travel with two young kids saying are we there yet every second

  13. What?! You don't put your names on your food and drink?

    I hope you do get to visit all 50 states. As a suggestion, you can do it alphabetically: A for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona…and so on.

  14. I'd always find a speck of dirt on the window, and then move my head every time we passed a bulding or sign, so that from my point of veiw, it looked like it was hopping across them. Likde a mini platformer. Probably not the best to try when your the one driving though.

  15. Don't take this the wrong way please, but that scarf around Mrs. Pond's hair reminded me of Flo, Andy Capp's wife. And that made me so happy.


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