We find many reasons to winter in Tucson – Sunsets, Barrio Bread, Pima Air and Space Museum, and Titan Missile Museum. Watch Episode 37:

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Tucson Arizona is a popular destination to escape the cold winters up north. We join fellow snowbirds in our camper van for some fun in the sun in Tucson.

There are so many things to do in Tucson, we barely scratched the surface during our visit. Two popular museums are: Titan Missile Museum, Pima Air and Space Museum. The Titan Museum offers different level tours of a real Titan II Missile. The Pima Air and Space Museum has over 350 historical aircrafts on display including The Sentimental Journey a B 17 Flying Fortress.

A great Mexican restaurant to check out is Tucson Tamale Company. They serve tamales made with organic non-GMO corn including vegetarian/vegan options.

For delicious award winning artisan bread, head to Barrio Bread in Tucson. Don Guerra has been baking sourdough bread using a traditional method for several decades. The organic breads are baked daily with a wide selection to choose from including breads made with ancient grains.

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  1. Definitely checking out the bread and tamale places the next time we make it to Tucson. Museum sounds more interesting than I originally thought it would be. Ken is not a museum guy but I might be able to convince him.

    Kartchner caverns state park is near Tucson and has a nice little campground. Its worth a stop if you haven’t been there already.

  2. Still getting used to your new format from 2017. I really liked 2016 better. Have not seen the new Star Wars yet, wife, son and daughter went but i had to stay behind with the two handicapped girls. Have you thought of getting a second dog before or incase something happens to Leo? I really don’t care for Menard’s interrupting your video, it’s one of the reasons that i’m getting rid of cable.

  3. Normally, I would have had no interest in that missile museum tour, but I think it is important at this time to really reflect on the consequences of what it means to launch one of those…especially since some are thoughtlessly tweeting about pressing the button. I had goosebumps, and chills too. Thanks.

  4. you finally made it to my city, thanks for a great video. oh, I too love those tamales, you got to try the chocolate

  5. Not sure how long you are in the Tucson area but if you get the opportunity check out the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, very interesting. Hopefully you took the side trip to the "Boneyard" while you were at the Pima Air Museum very impressive.

  6. Oooo! Those chili n’ cheese tamales are the best!
    My sister makes those (among other flavors) at Christmas. And I can’t get enough!

  7. Pima has added new planes since I visited. I spent two days there.
    Now, I need to go back again! Thanks for showing us!

  8. Hey,
    that was cool that you shared those tours along with the bread and tamale shops. I have been to Tucson twice and I am returning next month. I have put those places on my to do list. One of the tours I'm going take while I'm there is the Kartchner Cavern tour. It's about 50 miles south of Tucson in Benson Arizona. If I'm not mistaken, it's one of or the only living cavern in the United States. You might want to check that out. I here they have great camp grounds there too.

  9. I was at the Pima Air Museum 5 years ago and I enjoyed it immensely it took about 6 hours just to watch through it but I did not realize was across the street from it is the graveyard of planes that you can walk through and see centuries of aircraft plan on doing it sooner or later again are you guys going to be at the RTR or RV show this year which starts this week or next have a good day happy travels

  10. I'm totally on the same page with you regarding the new StarWars 😁
    Thanks for a great video. Your channel quickly became a regular in our evening watchlist!

  11. That was fun viewing! I live right down the street from the Air Museum. This video made me want to go check it out again. Barrio Bread….the best. Did you guys get to do any hiking? The Baldy Trail in Madera Canyon is always fun!

  12. i have heard when you are driving alot of rattles and bumps…is that because of the road surface or is it because the van is just very rattly?

  13. Hello Joe and Kait. I have been watching your travel blog since the summer of last year and I need to thank you. Because of watching the two of you, I got so inspired to change my life to a much more adventurous version, that I sold my house in south Florida, drove 2200 miles, just me and my dog, to Tucson, AZ. I’m staying in a motel for now until I can move into a small house that overlooks the Catalina Mountains. While driving, I thought of you constantly and of Leo just as much, maybe a little bit more. After I move to my new house on Feb 1, the next step is looking for a camper van or a small Class C and go where the wind blows. You two have made a big impact on my life and this particular video was great in telling me where I should get the best bread and tamales here in town. Thank you so much! I hope I’m lucky enough to run into you one day. Leo is super cute, especially when he yawns! Traveling or hiking without a dog? No way. Love you guys!!!

    BTW Tucson is amazing and I highly recommend getting the Arizona State Parks pass for $75/yr and check out the trails at Catalina State Park. Amazing place!!! I go there daily.

  14. I love love the planes. They are soooo cool. Thanks for taking me with you on the tour of the planes. I bet is wonderful to have your home with you all of the time. Stay safe and happy adventuring.

  15. If you make it back to Tucson check out the Mexican restaurant El Charo. Also for a frozen treat try Frosted. All uniquely Tucson

  16. That bread looks and sounds wonderful…as you bite into it. I just have to go there. I grind my own spelt grain and make bread for my family, but I do love the artisan breads. Don is truly an artist!! Bread has been given a bad rap. The digestibility is all about how the grains are grown and how the bread is prepared. I have to get there to try Don's bread.

  17. Where did you both get your hats from? It's hard to find a cool cap that fits women…… Love the patch for cool badges. Any chance of a WTR one being made?

  18. I'll take a couple loafs of the Apricot/Cranberry of the bread please!!

    I lived through the Cold War era and there are some rather unpleasant memories for a young kid. I especially remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. My father had arranged for us to leave the Niagara Falls area because of the huge Hydro Electric Power plants on both sides of the border. He felt they were targets of any possible missile strikes. It's disappointing to see today that we apparently haven't learned from past history.


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