Hello Party Animals! We are in Sherman Oaks, California north of Los Angeles for their annual Street Fair. This is a great event for families with children. For children, there was rides such as a ferris wheel, bouncy houses, inflatable slides, obstacle course, human gyroscopes, and many more. We saw aerial yoga dancers put on a great show, a furniture shop that believes in Animism, plus food trucks, classic car show, rock walls, live music, celebrity closets, shops, more food trucks, a picture of Vince Vaughn, and great people!

Also, catch me and my friend Wes Miles spread misinformation on myths, conspiracies and other crazy shit on THE RED HERRING PODCAST

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Beer Chugs is a show about socializing and booze. Learn how to be social in all social situations and with all kinds of personalities. Also, we spill our thoughts on beers, wines, and liquors.


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