Are you searching for a place to visit while being in London that does not have much to do with the history of the country but would still be interesting for you? M&M’s World Store in London would be the right answer for this for the different products added to the M&M’s chocolate itself that are sold inside.

This place is not just for kids but even grown ups enjoy walking through the store and exploring the toys and games that are found there and the clothes which they could buy, this of course comes in addition to the chocolate pieces which people could buy inside the store, wrapped and packed in different things and being sometimes given the chance to do special things with them, such as printing a special message on the M&M’s pieces.

M&M’s store in London measures 35,000 square feet and it is spread over four floors – one might think at first, what would be placed in a four-floors M&M’s store?! Actually there are lots of M&M’s chocolates and merchandise found inside there that include kitchenware, clothing, bedding, jewelry and glassware. The most interesting thing about the selection of M&M’s chocolate found in this store is that there are more than 100 choices in the giant wall of chocolate that give people the chance to make their own selection and choices.

If you are going to add M&M’s store in London to the list of places you are going to visit there, you should then know about the working hours of the place. The store opens all week but on different times; it opens from 9 AM to midnight from Monday to Thursday, from 9 AM to 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and on Sunday it opens from 12 PM and closes at 6:30 PM; check these opening times before heading there.

While wandering through the store, we were mesmerized by the products offered there and the colors we are exposed to; we didn’t expect to see all these things in a chocolate store, but we were delighted. We also loved the idea of being the ones to choose the colors of chocolate that we want to buy and that we are not obligated to get those already packed items they offer – you will love visiting the place even if you will get out without buying anything at all.

Generally speaking, M&M’s chocolate is one of the funniest with its characters and ads and that is one of the main things that attract people to visit the store whether they are in London or else in any of the other cities where this store is found. The different characters of M&M’s offer their products at the store, which means that every single person out there could choose the products related to the character that he/she likes the most and this is one of the things that people generally like when it comes to such cartoon characters.

While being in London, there are those top attractions which we should mention before it comes to those favorite stores and other not-related-to-history places that people enjoy going to. Buckingham Palace would of course come on top of the list especially for those who are excited about the idea of the changing guards and seeing them ( then comes Big Ben which is now going under some constructions ( Adding to these two attractions in London, there is also London Eye and the views it could offer to the visitors over London ( there is also the Tower of London and the history it carries ( Chinatown in London ( visiting HMS Belfast ( checking London Aquarium ( and checking the National History Museum (

London is not just about the historical attractions that one comes to visit, but there are those walks through the streets within the old buildings and those parks which people could also have a walk through and enjoy some peace of mind away from the chaos of the city ( such as St. James’s Park (

Every city you tend to go to and visit will be about the historical attractions as well as those stores or other places which you might be interested in that are located there as well, so always make sure that you plan your trip around all these different places; the historical ones that would tell you more about the city you are in as well as those places which you have been dreaming to visit since you knew about their existence.

M&M’s World in London was definitely an interesting experience that we wish to repeat and we definitely recommend for all those going to London and who love M&M’s at the same time – you will definitely enjoy your time being there!

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