Friday, December 15, 2017

Free things to do in LA!

Find some of the best selfie spots and LA attractions in this episode of Rob's Tips for Trips. Tips: VISIT LA IN THE SPRING & FALL, SUMMERS ARE HOT WITH LOTS OF TOURISTS. PT: STAY...

Things to Do in Los Angeles | Sherman Oaks Annual Street Fair

Hello Party Animals! We are in Sherman Oaks, California north of Los Angeles for their annual Street Fair. This is a great event for families with children. For children, there was rides such as...

Top things to do in Lisbon – Cinematic travel Vlog by Tolt #2

Find out why Lisbon is a great destination for a city break and discover my top visits and activities! Try and find the embarassing subliminal images I hid in the video ;) To learn more about...

Road trip & Things to do in Quebec, Canada (Great Trail & Outdoor activities)

In this video I sum up the best things to do in Quebec (province in Canada) along the Great Trail based on my 1 week lasting road trip. ➸ My Guides: MY CAMERA EQUIPMENT ▸ Cam1:...

Things To Do In Barcelona (Hidden Gems)

Barcelona! There are so many things to do in Barcelona. Check out my video for some suggestions of things to do in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona can be very touristy, so I’ll show you some...

Is Tijuana Safe? (Top Things to do in Tijuana): Traveling with Kids

First time traveling to Mexico for Lil' Brother! We visit Tijuana by crossing the border from San Ysidro, USA. Then we checked out the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT - Centro Cultural Tijuana), Telefónica Gastro...


We did SO MANY THINGS in Hawaii: witnessing active lava flow, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, surfing with Big Wave Dave's, visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center, checking out the Kamaka Ukulele Factory, roasting Kona at...

AMAZING Greek Food Tour and Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece!

Check out this amazing Greek food and attractions in Athens, Greece! ►Subscribe - ►T-shirts - Today was an amazing day of traveling in Athens, Greece. We ate some incredibly delicious Greek food and saw some...

Free Things to do In Downtown Merida Yucatan

The city of Merida Yucatan is vibrant with plenty to do and lots to eat. Here is a guide you can do on weekends, mostly FREE or ridiculously cheap. Merida is a must for...

20 Things to do in Glasgow, Scotland Travel Guide

Join us for this travel guide to Glasgow, Scotland as we highlight 20 of the best things to do in Glasgow including visiting distilleries, trendy restaurants, hopping pubs, fascinating museums and more attractions. This is...

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