The 8 Most Bizarre Cafés In The World

1. Archie McPhee, Seattle (Wallingford)
If you’ve ever been to this iconic shop in Wallingford (previously Ballard), you may know that it’s not only the weirdest store in Seattle, but possibly the whole country. They feature a wide variety of random gifts and things you never knew you needed, like bacon-scented air freshener, rubber chickens, and quirky items for your home & kitchen.

2. Olympic Game Farm, Sequim
Forget the regular zoo! You can enjoy a unique drive-through tour at this game farm on the Olympic Peninsula with many different species. Don’t be alarmed if the llamas, bison or yaks come up to your window, though – you’ll be able to feed them slices of whole wheat bread!

3. Moss-covered phone, Hoh Rainforest
It’s not everyday you come across a moss-covered phone booth in a temperate rainforest. The phone itself is no longer there to make calls, but the stand remains as a unique gem to find by the Hoh Rainforest Visitors Center.

4. Yard Birds Mall, Chehalis
This huge bird by the Yard Birds Mall has been voted as one of the best roadside attractions in the Northwest by Evening Magazine, and you’ll see why after visiting the 30-foot tall and 60-foot long sculpture. The statue can be found on the west side of the shopping center, where there are over 60 independent merchants inside selling all kinds of merchandise.

5. Boo Radley’s, Spokane
If you’re looking for a place like Archie McPhee but on the eastern side of the state, this shop in Spokane is an absolute must-visit. Named after a character in “To Kill A Mockingbird,” their novelty store features all kinds of wacky gifts and items you just won’t find anywhere else.

6. Teapot Dome, Zillah
When thinking about gas stations, a teapot may not be first thing that comes to mind. However this historical building used to be one of the oldest operating stations in the whole country! It may not pump your gas anymore, but the 15-foot handle-and-spout station still makes for an amazing attraction to see in Zillah, just outside of Yakima.

7. Blue Lake Rhino Caves, near Coulee City
There are all kinds of caves in the world, but they’re not usually shaped like a rhino. This unique spot was supposedly formed by basalt that was once a Diceratherium bull (an ancestor of the modern rhino) who was out on the prairie when an eruption started. The escape route it took had gotten cut off by a lake, which led to its unfortunate death. Later on, the lava that covered the bull cooled into molten rock and hardened into this one-of-a-kind cave you can now explore today.

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