As a child, I dreamed of embarking on a Hollywood style train trip across the American continent. One in which I would hop on and off as I pleased without the thought of money and time holding me back. However, as I grew older, the inevitable reality of life set in. As Americans, our most common means of long distance transportation is by air travel. We are ingrained with the concept of doing things by way of the fastest and most convenient route. By doing so, we take for granted an old and advantageous mode of transportation. For most, neglecting the locomotive wonder that this country possesses has proven to me to be an unfortunate modern American mistake. Traveling across the USA by train gives one an entirely new perspective and is one that everyday Americans should not avoid.

A large part of the reason why embarking on such a trip is frowned upon is due to the relationship between time and money. In this country, train travel isn’t always exactly cheap when you consider how much time it takes one to reach a destination. However, we must remember that the faster the travel time, the more we miss. Although 5 hours of flying around 3,000 miles across the country is faster than 4 days by train, how much do you really see from an airplane seat thousands of feet high in the sky? Aside from seeing and experiencing more, I think it serves as a good reminder of the importance of slowing life down every now and then. There is no denying that most Americans live a little too fast paced. Also, in terms of cost, I have found a way to bypass the price of train travel. I recently booked a train trip from West coast to East coast (with stops along the way) for absolutely FREE. To make things even better, I was able to bring someone along with me for no additional fee and I was able to book fairly luxurious accommodations compared to the typical basic economy seats. For two of the three legs, this lack of a price included having our own sleeper car with shower access and free meals.

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