Wondering what the best burger in America is? Watch me – a British woman – try and rank 10 American fast food burgers!

America is the home of fast food and when I decided to spend 7 weeks travelling across the United States, I thought I’d make the US road trip even more fun by trying as many American fast food burgers as I could along the way – and ranking them.

In this video, I rank 10 burgers in America based on their tastiness and overall experience.

The American burger joints included in this video (in the order I tried them) are:

1. Jack in the Box
2. Sonic Drive In
3. Whataburger
4. Wendy’s
5. In-N-Out Burger
6. Steak N Shake
7. Smashburger
8. Fuddruckers
9. Carl’s Jr
10. Shake Shack

But who will come first in the big burger taste test? Watch the video to find out!

Disclaimer: This was a very un-scientific test and did NOT take into consideration my hunger levels, tiredness or mood, all of which can greatly affect the enjoyment level of a fast food burger.

Conclusion: America knows how to do fast food burgers!

Are there any burgers in America that I missed? What do you think is the best burger in America?


  1. May I recommend you book an appointment with your cardiologist stat!? 😬 I was very happy to see that in the first few drive ins that your clothes were different and the light was different at the burger locations. At first I though, they aren’t eating these all in one day are they 😄. Good video, it was fun and I got the giggles over you getting the giggles. I’m in 🇨🇦 and I live quite close to the American border. I like the Cheesecake Factory. It’s a dine in establishment, but their menu is varied and their deserts are delicious. I also hear a lot of people from the States talk about Chick Fil a. Never tried it, but I know it’s popular. Good video, good idea.

  2. Johnny rickets in Cliff Castle Casino Camp Verde Arizona. The best Burger with bacon you can ever eat. They melt in your mouth. It’s 150 miles from my home. Yes I have driven all the way up there for lunch. They are that good. Take care & be safe.

  3. You ate more burgers in this video than I did in my whole life (and I'm 62)! The only ones I survived are the "tosted" ones (we call that "croque-monsieur"). But, generally speaking, I hate fast foods 😉

  4. I love Sour Dough. We have the best Sour dough bread here in Northern California. You know I live in Santa Rosa California just about 60 miles north of San Francisco in Wine Country. If you guys ever want some good sour dough bread and or Wine or anything from California let me know I can send it to you. Have fun and Thanks again. I love Hamburgers. Ask Brendan to do a Hamburger Octopus Lol

  5. Awesome video. 10 burgers! How many days did you take to have them? I have one only when travelling maybe once a month., I would be so sick of them after a few days but it looked so good lol.

  6. Right! It's the golden archers for lunch. A Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder and small fries…Oh ye….better add a thick shake and an Apple Pie to go..lol…Greg

  7. This is fast food burgers not gourmet burgers.  A lot of people seem to forget that.  And yes being from Texas, Whataburger represent!!  She knows what we've all known for years.  In n Out 4th place.  lol  She ranked jack over the overhyped in n out.  lol

  8. There used to be a Wendy's in every town in the UK, but McDonald's pushed them out. There are still a few around though! 😉

  9. Oh. My. God. Did she really just put IN-N-OUT BELLOW JACK IN THE BOX!?!?!?!?! I'm sorry Jodie we can no longer be friends lol

  10. The thing with California is you can have any kind of burger gourmet, vegan,vegitarian, made from just about anything I enjoy a spicy blackbean burger now and then. But for fast food, Jack in the Box, Carl's and Wendy's are all good,  you already know about McDonald's and Burger King each of them offer good things besides their burgers, Carl's and Jack both have great breakfast offering, I eat more of those than burgers.
    In-N-Out is my favorite for a few reasons, they do all their prep work by hand the fries are cut fresh from potatoes, the lettuce is done by hand, every order is cooked to order (thats one reason the drive in take a few minutes compared to others) there are no warming lamps and like you can it without a bun or wrapped in lettuce and Animal Style is good once in awhile. 
    Yes I'm very biased but I grew up eating at In-N-Out  which are right by my house. I also have a Wendy's, McDonalds, Jack in the Box and a Starbucks all right across the street from each other about a two blocks away.
    I enjoyed this video and seeing you try American food, I'm the same way when I go to the UK I like to try different Fish and Chips stands around the city, I do miss the newspaper cones though.
    Just a comment I travel around a bit now and then, nothing like you or Brendan, but the UK I feel at home, might be due to the fact I was stationed there for a few years.

  11. If you're wondering why I didn't include McDonald's, Burger King or Five Guys in this video, it's because we have them (and I've tried all 3) in the UK! No doubt Five Guys would win if I could include it 😉

  12. I have to say, on my list, the top 3 are In & Out, Smash, and 5 Guys. My least favorite burger honestly is WhatABurger as I always found them to be the greasiest our of all of them.

  13. I must be living in a vacuum, lived here my entire life: Never heard of number 1), 3), 5), 7) or 10)… Never eaten at the other 5 either, probably because I avoid Fast Food Restaurants like the plague! LOL…
    Bill Farr… 🙂 Come to think of it, Jack in the Box is vaguely familiar!

  14. @ 2:42 where's the beef?! 😅 lmfao….. ask brendan about that reference haha…

    worked @ wendy's as a teen, can't go wrong w/ their bacon burgers 🍔 (*licks lips),…and yea jack in the box was my go to meal when i was in college (*licks lips again)

    P.S.,… just a heads up you guys forgot something, (*drumroll pls…..)

    lol how can you forget to include "White Castle Burgers" 🍔🍟🍨 (*licks lips for the third time)

  15. I take it you didn't have the commerical of those two elderly women where one said "where's the beef?" because that would've been so appropriate for the Sonic Burger.


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