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We learned that it’s not easy to make a video in our “hometown”. Unlike most destinations, we have so many opinions and what we like and don’t like. So we stuck with the classics. Scottsdale’s Spring Training, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West and the Garden Concert Series at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

These are three venues we have been to, but never really explored. That’s what makes sharing our experiences with the KYD community so special. We’re also reminded of all the things to do in our backyard. What’s in your background? Perhaps things you’ve known about for decades, but haven’t taken the time to visit. Pick a date and go explore with curiosity!

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  1. I'm considering relocating from Calif (beautiful San Diego) and Phoenix region is on the short list. I love Taliesin West. As always, you do such fun tours!

  2. My wife just saw your Scottsdale video, and said THIS is her idea of Snowbirding in the desert, not Quartzsite. LOL we love your videos and adventures. Congratulations on 100k!

  3. Congratulations on hitting 100k. That’s an awesome feat for a family just talking about their personal adventures weekly – you are the Kardashians of the camping world. Lol

  4. With all your enthusiasm and content i am not surprised that you reached 100k so quickly! Congratulations! My friend drives his New Class A to Spring Training every year and stays there to watch the Cubs. Never having been there, thanks for the tour and info, we may have to visit via plane or Rv soon! Thanks for the tip about Blackstone, i have a new Expedition and was suspicious after the dealer did not rest my oil minder after the first oil change and left oily hand prints on my door and seat and the Dune Color was hard for the manager to clean when i pointed out to him? I wonder if they really changed my oil? We will try Blackstone, Thanks!

  5. Be sure and go to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC on your way to/from Alaska!! One of the most beautiful sites EVER!!

  6. I absolutely love all your videos – have to say that this is one of my all time favs !! Wish I could be traveling full time already – watching your vids makes it almost seem like I'm on the road with y'all!! Thanks for doing this for all your HUGE number of fans!! Blessings from Cyn, Belley Girl & San Antonio Texas!! ❤️

  7. Zamboni cleaning that lawn, boy buddy…that is a sport unto itself….lol let alone those touch downs in the outfield. Giggle…smirk…😏

  8. I thought you had a video of an underground river that you visited in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico called Rio Secreto (The Secret River).

  9. You guys are my favorite you tubers I love how you guys are from Arizona me and my wife just purchased our first toy hauler and are excited to get on the road and explore. Thank you for advertising your life and sharing your adventures keep up the awesome footage.

  10. When I was a kid I always thought I was related to Frank Lloyd Wright because every time someone mentioned him they would always say Frank Lloyd Wright house. True story…

  11. Trish, I just loved that hat you were wearing in the beginning!! Where did you get it? I wear my 'cowgirl' hat a lot, but it does not block as much sunlight as your's does! (This is aka 'Lainie'). I agree, your filming/editing was superb! Thank you for sharing all that interesting information on Frank Lloyd Wright. Love it when you include some 'history' in your journey's. 4 HRS to change oil? Wow! I wouldn't be going back there, either! When are you scheduled to go to Alaska? That is one of the top places I want to go, when I am finally able to leave on a long journey. Can't wait to see/hear all about your journey.


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