Drop into Adventure Island in Tampa for the opening of their new water slide Vanish Point, then see how Great Wolf Lodge in Anaheim is celebrating Spring.
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On this week’s episode:
• Andy drops into Adventure Island in Tampa to check out their new Vanish Point water slides
• Junior reporter Lindalee Rose gets a look at Great Wolf Lodge’s Spring-a-Palooza event in Anaheim
• News In The Queue: Classic auction scene updated in Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom; Walt Disney World to start adding parking fees at its resorts; Typhoon Lagoon water park to offer new nighttime special ticketed event this summer; Splitsville Luxury Lanes opens at Downtown Disney in California; Disneyland to host Star Wars Nite special event
• Hidden Mickey of the Week
• Shoutouts
• Bloopers

See Lindalee’s full Great Wolf Lodge report ►

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  1. Love Great Wolf Lodge!!! Living in New England , winters can be harshly cold , so for Spring I just enjoy the warmer weather. Even though it’s snowing today😬

  2. As for the change to Pirates, political correctness has destroyed this ride. The sad thing is that the new version does not make sense since pirates did not auction stolen property. Instead, each would have gotten a share. Further, if I was going to be all social justice warrior I would complain that the ride now promotes alcohol abuse. Regardless, the change might not have been so bad if they could have kept the iconic line, "we wants the red head."

  3. I do wish Disney would do something with Universal to just get them to release those characters fully
    Disney World should get a land too. (I realize Disney World gets more due to its sheer size, but I feel something as Colossal as Marvel should be there)

  4. i agree that the red head looks cool but now the story makes no sense, they already have the rum and why would the towns people want to auction there own belongings?! PC gone to far!!!!

  5. Do they only have the Spring-a-Palooza at the Anaheim Great Wolf Lodge, or do they have it at the other locations as well?

  6. Wow! Kid reporter Lindalee is a great addition to the Show! A perfect balance of adorable and professionalism. Great job! PS I remember when Quinn was a kid reporter. 😉 Happy birthday Adult reporter Quinn!


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