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  1. I will be in WDW ….wait for it…Sept lol we will be there 17-22 it will be my Hubby's first time ever and my first time back since I was 12 lol we are in our 50s , you both have given me so much information and we truly enjoy our WDW couple videos and i have learned solo much. I an hoping to be lucky enough to meet you guys while we are there.. Keep them vedios coming❤💙👍

  2. Great stream 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 I was wondering what gimbal y’all use for your stream? Your footage looks amazing. I am always impressed with your shots 😎🍹

  3. i clicked the bell so hopefully i will get the notification that y'all are doing a live stream for now on.:)

  4. These live streams are pretty cool to see the behind the scenes of what you guys go through and how much work goes into making your vlogs, even the dining review ones. Y'all are awesome!!!

  5. When your little fan came up to you guys at the beginning, that was so cute! I bet that’s a good feeling for you guys.

  6. All of your videos have been super helpful and fun to watch! Thanks for all the insight!!!! I can’t wait for my trip to Disney in July!!! This just made me ever more excited!!!!!!

  7. Josh and Taylor….just an FYI in case you didn't know. We're coming in September!! haha Actually we're coming in 2 weeks for my sister's wedding!!!! And then our adult trip in September. Hope to run into you two 🙂


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