This is my updated 2018 Q & A. Guys let me know about a NYC meet up! Do you guys want to see a “How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2018”
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  1. Always love your videos, informative and inspiring. Im a new FA and trying to figure out what schedule works for me. I would like to know how schedule to have less trips in the month. Does it take seniority to do this because 100 scheduled hours a month are too many for me, I feel like Im barely home, I miss my two fluff pups.

  2. Hey Stella i really want to be a flight attendant but i haven't been on a plane in seven years. i have been hearing so many turbulence stories and how the plane drops alot and i really dont let it get to me but at the same time it seems scary. Any advice?

  3. Questions about starting a family are so rude.. It's like society pressures couples so much, you do what you want to do and let people think whatever they want.. It's no one's business whether you two want kids or not. What if you wanted kids but couldn't have any, the question would be even more rude because the person who asks ignores some facts.

    There are pills for motion sickness.

  4. Omg… I have to totally agree with the honking comment that you made in your Q & A. My husband and I went to NYC for the first time in April and I have never heard so much honking!! Looked for you while we were there but I think you were in Hawaii at the time 🙁 Love your videos!

  5. Yes, Stella please do a FAQ on starting a YouTube channel. Also, seeing a day in a life of Bart would be fun to see lol

  6. Omg, yes people will show up! I will definitely will show up live in Brooklyn. Maybe meet up in Central Park.

  7. I’m a born and raised New Yorker and I would totally go to a meet up in nyc if you did one!!! Weekends would be super fun!!!

  8. Is there a reason why you gaint so much weight? Thyroid issues? And having kids it is not harder the being a flight attendant

  9. Don't be pressured to have kids. It's ridiculous that people obsess over other people having kids. Then once you have one, they obsess over you having ANOTHER one! They aren't happy until you have at least two.

  10. Stella since you're in your mid 30's and not sure about having kids yet, you should check out having your eggs frozen if financially possible and go to a fertility doctor to see how your body is doing for producing later on.

  11. I met my husband on in 2009. We got married in 2012. It can and does happen. There are many toads out there but there are also princes that come into your life when you least expect it.

  12. Hi Stella ~ I binged on several of your videos today and your adorable personality got me to subscribe. 😁
    I’m going to be flying from Washington, D.C. to Portland, OR in the fall and wanted to know the best kind of tip to give the flight attendants. I know it’s not expected but I also know that FA don’t make a ton of money for all their hard work. Would gift cards be better because some airlines may not allow cash tips? I was thinking about giving them $10.00 Starbucks gift cards? What’s the average number of FA on a trip this long? Any suggestions and info you can give me would be much appreciated. ❤️
    I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos. I think anyone having a crappy day would suddenly feel like a million bucks after watching you for 5 minutes.😁

    Thanks! 👍

  13. I do have to ask: does anyone know if you can you become a Flight Attendant with a Certificate Of Completion?
    I have been looking into becoming a Flight Attendant & it’s something I REALLY want to do, I have all of the requirements but the 2 things I’m worried about is me having a Certificate Of Completion & my height …


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