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  1. There is No way I would go there now "only because I currently don't have a girlfriend" the place is to romantic to go by yourself!

    Unless… I catch a flight there and kidnap a Maldive Woman 😏

  2. If Monet could have envisioned a water resort and then drew it, this would be it. I was looking forward to your return visit with the drone. Magnificent.

  3. So relaxing yet too far away from reality for most people, only can use imagination to plug into your video….

  4. Ok, so my husband is 6 foot 7, is the water up to his knees? If so, it's a wading pool for him. Totally swimable for 4 foot 10 inches me. Kind of snarky answer you posted to a reasonable question. And what travel company do you work for? I would never respond to one of my potential customers in that manner..Former Age of Travel Atlanta agent here. Virtuoso. Still an agent…going on 30 years.

  5. Forget about global warming and rising sea levels. One not very big tsunami and this place is toast! I doubt there are rescue pods for a getaway.

  6. After a really hard day, I came apon this most incredible video.. a place I certainly want to visit..needed this sooth to my spirit right now
    Thank you

  7. What is the little building on the left just after one would past after leaving the arrival pavilion it’s about 2 minutes into the video, thanks

  8. Would love to have the time and money to go here….oh wee you can dream no one can take that away…..

  9. I have so much respect and appreciation for all you do on this channel. Each and every video is excellent and the locations are always beautiful. Thank you for sharing these incredible places with us!

  10. One thing, that makes me curious:
    Many of this villas, sitting the lagune, gome with a bath tube. This part of the world is tropic and quite warm.
    I wonder, who use a hot bath when you already feel warm? Eventhough the scenery is astonishing?

    Also, I am curious where do they get the drinking water from? Is there any technical equipement that turns sea water into drinking water? Because a ressort like this will use plenty of liter of water which shouldn't be salty.

  11. Seems deserted. How do these places stay in business? Also, the most beautiful water on earth and no one's swimming in it.

  12. wow so cool place's also i like the seaplane so cool too how far did yall fly in the seaplane ??just wounder

  13. How can they keep this afloat? I don't see many guests in the resort and and I'm sure the operating cost is not cheap.


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