San Francisco approach and landing 18th Feb 2018. G-XLEJ. SFO Mark Dembrey. SFO Holly Tucker. Captain Dave Wallsworth. Runway 28R.


  1. Fantastic video Capt , great insight into how ATC and cockpit work together . That final bank into the approach is awesome . Can’t wait for the next one 👍👨‍✈️✈️ Thank you for sharing .

  2. another great vid! excuse my ignorance but is the Autopilot still engaged when intercepting the glideslope and localizer?

  3. My Triton Cockatoo Sun Bear loves airplanes. Let’s me know when is flying above my house. Gotta show him this vid.
    You can watch on YT vid Sun Bears ritual watching airplanes

  4. Another brilliant video thanks Dave. Is there a reason only part of the taxi is included? It would be interesting (I think) to see arrival on stand and engine shut down etc.

  5. Excellent video. What makes this approach a bit tricky is that you have to get down from 11000ft to 4000ft in under 15 miles which is not easy. Mark was on the speed brakes all the way down to flap 1 to keep the speed down and the controller was kind enough to allow you to keep your speed up through the turn back into CEPIN. The tendency on this approach is to be high and fast. If one is not careful, this approach can get quite "sporty"… nicely done and thank you!

  6. Oooo exciting. Looking fwd to my Frisco flight out of Heathrow at 11.20 on Wednesday. Shame I won’t have those views! Are you flying me Capt Dave?

  7. Hi Captain Dave. Even the controller agrees that you are super. It would be nice to have the landing configuration on the description. Approach and landing speeds, flaps, auto break settings, etc…

  8. I’m curious as to why BA don’t adhere to the sterile flight deck rules below 10,000ft? The pilots were talking about the sights and approaches to other airports rather than concentrating on the job in hand!

  9. Always think we're gonna land in the water when flying into SFO…but it's never happened yet ☺☺☺

  10. another great video dave well done and thank BA for there permission for allowing to keep us your customers informed AKA VRXfan


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