One of Connolly Cove’s plans is to come closer to the world of travelling in every possible way – so we are not only bringing videos for the places we tend to visit, but we also brought some videos for Google Guides Summit which we have attended in San Francisco.

Google Guides is the place for all the travelers and explorers out there who tend to travel the world and explore new local places and feel the urge to share them with the people around the world, not just that, but to put it on the maps – since Google Guides is now part of Google Maps. Google Guides allows every single user out there to post their content, whether it is about describing the whole experience by providing reviews and insights or else through sharing photographs and videos – it is the place where you will get the chance to help others with your personal experience and at the same time make use of the experiences of other people who are also using it.

With all the different things that this application could offer its users at the end, it might end up being a truly useful one for lots of people, especially those who travel a lot or else those who tend to explore new places in their own countries.

There was a summit in San Francisco that was done by Google Local Guides and which brought about 150 people there who came from 60 different countries as well as those members of Google family who work on these different programs and come up with the different apps. The day was actually spent in Google Complex in San Francisco which gave us the chance to meet those people working in Google and those teams who are the reason behind the appearance of these different programs which we end up using.

In this summit and in addition to going through the shop that offers different products related to Google – like the T-shirts – we also attended some sessions in which we discussed our thoughts and views about these different products that Google tends to come up with at the end in order to give this kind of feedback to Google team.

It was really one different kind of experience since we started the first day with a tour in San Francisco, USA, and then we got to the hotel to get ready and be prepared for the next day since we were going to meet some VPs who provided us with some keynotes about Google products and then we ended the day with this party at the park.

This is one of the different experiences that we definitely recommend for those who could make it anytime in the future because in addition to receiving some useful information about Google products and meeting those who are working behind them, they will also get the chance to meet people from around the world who came for the same reason, and you will actually realize that some of them you have already met on the internet through the applications you might be using or those reviews that you make; so you will end up going through a nice experience and at the same time building new friendships.

Google has always been our helpful friend with all the applications it has and all the services it provides us with, which we all definitely make use of, especially Google maps that gets us to all the places which we are heading to for the first time, so Google Guides which is now part of it is definitely another helpful way for people to get to choose the places they want to head to.

The Hotel which I stayed at was the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, which is one that I definitely recommend, the views of the place are those of the buildings in San Francisco which is considered nice, the room is also big with a wide bathroom as well, and those residing in the hotel could enjoy the gym for 24 hours and it also have a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi which are also considered good options for calming down. This hotel is also considered the right place because it is close to the main tourist spots in the city, so I definitely recommend it.

Of course there are lots and lots of places that one could visit and check in San Francisco in the United States but since it was the first visit for us to visit the place, we have to mention that the nightlife in this city is magnificent, that’s of course apart from all the historical places that one could visit as well as those views that one could receive during the day – but I was actually astonished with the night views that I brought this video to you (

Apart from the number of hours that you are going to spend in the plane in order to reach the United States, you will fall in love with the country in whichever city you choose to go to and spend your time in – from our side, it was all about San Francisco and Google Guides Summit, but we definitely enjoyed the tour we have made in the place and the different people we have met throughout the journey.

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