CITYLIGHTS is a short film I shot while I was walking one night wandering around the streets of San Francisco, nothing on this video was stage or planed, which I think is the beauty of it, I just knew I would find cool things to shoot because every time I walk around San Francisco something amazing happens.

This is the first Video I make using the stabilizer Zhiyun Crane 2, is very smooth and I’m happy with the results. Would love if you could share this and let me know what details you would like to know.

Filmed entirely on a Canon 6D Mark II with 24mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.8 lens.

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it!


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Song: Swishers by SwuM


  1. It’s really good man. Nice result. Grading etc. I loved the shot at 1.14. What colour profile did you use? What lens and Fstop did you use?

  2. Bro this is so beautiful! Almost euphoric to be honest haha! Nice video!
    On another note, I've been trying to grow my channel for a couple of months now, so you should give my stuff a try! I post mainly gaming videos on stuff like Pokemon and Hearthstone, but I do post rants and parody videos every now and then. Check me out or not, I like what you do on your channel. I'm subscribed!


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