San Diego Comic Con has much more to do than just what is inside the convention center.  In this video I’ll walk you around the outside Comic Con and the convention center to see the attractions and things to do that are offsite.  Comic-Con literally takes over the city of San Diego, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.  We’ll start at the Petco Park Interactive Zone at the foot of the pedestrian bridge over harbor drive, and then work our way towards the Hilton and behind the convention center.  There are also always tons of offsite attractions along 5th avenue in the gaslamp district, and on the pedestrian path along Harbor drive next to the train tracks.

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  1. If I was going to comic con next year without a badge how many days do you recommend it would take to experience everything?

  2. You're amazing! This is amazing!!

    I wanted to go to this event, but I'm from Brazil and the tickets are very expensive: /
    But I'm hoping to post spoilers here on Youtube by Miraculous Ladybug ♥ – ♥

  3. Count me in as a fan brother. I'm enjoying your SDCC vids way more than the others. You gave me a great point of view of the Con. Basically, I know more about what it's like to be there and see the sights than ever before. Please keep posting!!

  4. Hey Yellow Productions if I wanted to go to comic con 2018 how much would the tickets cost and how early would I have to buy them

  5. Can someone please tell me when comic Con will begin at the convention center? I want to take my daughter.

  6. Should have hugged her, then held onto her for dear life! >:D I could definitely hear the disappointment in your voice that you couldn't do that live.


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