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In this episode, we leave Dawson Creek and mile 0 of the Alaska Highway and head north.

Our animal count started climbing a bunch after a couple of days on the ALCAN highway.

It was an absolute beautiful drive! We hope you enjoy coming along for the ride! Paul & Lorena Charron

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This is the gear we use:

Nikon D5300(may be newer versions):
Zoom Lens:
GoPro Hero 4 Session (Tiny and lightweight):
Drone (My New Mavic Air) I would recommend now (It is badass!):
Drone I used in 2016/2017 & Early 2018 (Typhoon H):
Canon Vixia RF300 (Newer Version RF700): – This camera is cheap, but a good start
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Shoots great video!):


Bendy Camera Tripod:
Camera Ballhead for Bendy Tripod:
Directional mic for DSLR Cameras:
Coolest Selfie Stick/Tripod Ever!:
Zhiyun Smooth-II 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Mount for smart phones:
GoPro Accessories/Phone Mounts:
Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount (my dashcam phone holder):
Ivation Phone Mount (Use With Fat Gecko):

TireMinder TPMS:
Nature’s Head Composting Toilet:
Camco Water Filter:
Camco Sewer Hose Support:
Camco Water Pressure Regulator:
Maxxair 7000K Deluxe Fan with Remote and White Lid:
Surge Guard
The CLAM rocks! :
The Clam Wind Covers:

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  1. Thank you for bringing us on your boat travels. It was so peaceful, colorful and breathtakingly beautiful. I love the North for it's beauty and peace. I do not like those horrible horrible bites from the black flies, and mosquitoes. YIKES! However, it is a once in a lifetime joyful trip that we so much enjoyed back in 1989. A life time of gorgeous memories. Thank you for refreshing our trip and talks for us. You are both precious. Take care….CDH&CDH

  2. The lake was beautiful and the kayak ride looked like it was a lot of fun. However, I bet those hot springs felt good on your muscles after all that paddling. Paul please don't quit saying "cool" because you had one person tell you you shouldn't be saying it. You know that the majority of us find that one of your appealing attributes. Besides, it takes me too long to try to type "spectacular". I am afraid you are kicking Kevin and Laura's butt in the wild animal count, even with their trip to Denali.

  3. Just really liking the trip to Alaska. Now three families I follow on the way at the same time.Think this video is one of your best. Length just right, driving time good, down time, Yea wildlife and your doing such a good job editing at all together to flow through. Great job. Going to google map save that camping spot off road for sure. Stay safe and have a great journey!!!

  4. And and please keep a log of the places you go one your website or video description…..Names, coordinates etc. Love to find them one day…

  5. Beautiful kayak scenery Paul. I know you both have good PFD’s. Were they in the kayak? Look up “Glacier Flour”, it accounts for a lot of the emerald color in Canadian lakes, and Glacier National Park.

  6. Ok! Great minds think alike! I thought the same thing about the TV show Dawson’s Creek!! Too funny! Thanks for clearing that up for me! LOL😆!

  7. What kind of Kayak do you have? We are headed up to Alaska next summer. Thank you for bringing so much fun to the videos

  8. We’ve heard that there can be a lot of rocks, both small and large on the road. Have you experienced that

  9. Really enjoy watching you guys. We used to be full-timers and loved it but because of things we had to stop. Hoping we can do it again. We are in Fruitland, Idaho so if you are ever in the area we would like to meet you both. Richard and Mel

  10. The ranger recommended not crossing the lake is because storms come up quickly there. You can get high winds and white caps wishing about 15 minutes. Great views and I will be there in about 6 weeks. Thanks for the videos.

  11. I have so much to say being a Northern Canadian and I so enjoy your excitement and your humour. Paul love your humour. But your a Canadian and I understand we don't take ourselves to serious. Really enjoy that your videos are some of the day and maybe the next day travels too as every day isn't a bang up day in the reality of our lives. It really shows the travels. Lorena I love that you get Paul and his humour. You guys bring so much excitement for me to make my Alaskan dream happen. Thanks………

  12. Paul…who makes the Kayak you guys are using?  Appears to be well made sit in with lots of storage…very nice. Great video….safe travels.

  13. 👍😃Yay a bear sighting. 🐻The thing that continues to surprise me is how close to the road the bears are. 🐻💞

  14. 👍😍Wowza beautiful drone footage!!
    Loving these videos. The editing & music is awesome. Thanks for sharing your journey. 💞


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