The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills has over 50 garlic-infused dishes, including mussels and mashed potatoes. Even their chardonnay wine is flavored with garlic! The restaurant goes through 50 tons of garlic each year. If you’re not in LA, there’s also a location in San Francisco.

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Produced by: Joe Avella, Sydney Kramer


  1. Interesting.. the repeat shots were kind of annoying though. I mean it’s barely more than a 3 minute video was there nothing else to film? Lol

  2. i love garlic! in the phillippines street vedors who fry peanuts used thin slice of garlic when frying n its good with beer or snack.

  3. Garlic is a blood thinner. Check your health before going on a binge like this.

    That aside, this place would be absolute heaven for me.

  4. Been there for valentines day. Nice ambiance to the restaurant. Food is overrated in my opinion. Its not as garlicky as you would think.

  5. garlic make me gag when i taste/eat them, they taste weird to me. i don’t know why, but if it’s chopped up into small pieces i won’t be able to gag

  6. This is NOT a place for a date. Its for bros. We dont care about each others breath so we eat there.


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