Just a general questions Q&A with Tim from Forty Times Around. Time stamps below for specific questions.

1) Can you really use a bicycle pump to inflate a motorcycle tire? 1:45
2) What do I think of the Redverz tents? 2:30
3) Are those t-shirts availabe? 3:35
4) How do I use a selfie stick while riding? 4:27
5) What does “Forty Times Around” mean? 5:58
6) Regarding: Eye wash, not Visene. 7:11
7) Regarding: Tarp size for tents. 8:04
8) How do I remove the service light on my bike? 8:44
9) Are people nice enough to let you camp in their yard? 10:24
10) How long did I take for my coast to coast ride and how long would I take if I did it again? 11:25

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1) Tools:
2) Tents:
3) Camera:
4) 3 Things (San Diego):

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  1. That is so cool you did a 20 k road trip around the country! I'm feeling a tad bit jealous! I bought an ADV bike so I can ride to Alaska but I doubt I will ever be able to take enough time off work. I love the bike so it's not a total waste. KTM 1290 Super Adventure T

  2. Great video thanks my trip to the Arctic starts in less than a week I’ll take your advice. I’m going to spend more time on my trip go slow and see more

  3. I think carrying a pump and repair kit is a must even for day rides, in the last year have used twice, also I change tyre pressures depending on the road and conditions.

  4. I’m building a bike cover/tent. I’ve already built the cover portion. Next; is the zipper attached sleeping compartment. The entire structure pins to the ground like any tent.

    I plan on using the engine to periodically heat the space. Of course the exhaust will exit via a flex hose. I’ll use a flex tube connection for the engine’s air intake.

    The space could easily accommodate 2 persons.

    I would like your opinion and the opinions of anyone caring to comment.

  5. Another great video!
    I use the App Motoscan instead of the GS911 diagnostic tool. It works well and has most of the diagnostics features offered on the GS911. You basically use a obd2 car code reader and connect it with a cable (obd2 connector to BMW connector). I use the OBDlink MX with an Android tablet loaded with Motoscan. The advantages for me using this setup is that I already had the tablet and the OBDlink Mx (used for my car). If you start from scratch, the gs911 is probably a better option.

  6. Hey Tim another great vid this is a bit off topic but I noticed your bike in the back ground are those highway pegs I see on your guards? If they are how do you like them are you able to stretch out reasonably well? And do you recommend them ? Thanks again Jim Z

  7. i have a question , what situation could a young man , not retirement age, be in that he gets to take off months to ride? I assume you don't have a regular "job". Just curious because I would love to have that kind of freedom. I get 4 weeks off a year because I've been at my job 26 years.

    I consider myself really blessed if my bride and myself can spend 2 of those weeks on bike travel . I put around 30,000 miles a year on my bike but it is split up between commute miles (I don't own a car) and maybe a handful of 3 day weekend trips or trips where a holiday is coupled with the weekend so as not to exhaust my vacation.

  8. Hey Tim, Being from Arizona, how about a video on hot weather riding , what to wear, drinking solutions to stay hydrated stopping often enough ect…..Thanks, D

  9. Great videos Tim! I like the way you express yourself, it helps a lot especially for someone like me planning to do big things (RTW) with little knowledge! Keep up the good job! Also a question: did you ever go for a long trip with a pillion on the back? I have the same bike (a bit older GSA) and im worried about the subframe. What do you think it is necessary to reinforce the frame? Wish you all the best! Cheers: Aron

  10. Greetings from across the pond Tim , subscribed to your channel and thoroughly enjoy the content . Stay safe

  11. Great videos Tim! I am fairly new to your channel, by chance have you done a video on plugging a tire while on a trip? I would have never thought a bicycle pump would work. Getting one this weekend to add to my kit. Thanks for the info.

  12. Thanks for answering the question "Why 40 Times"! I've been thinking No Way you're forty years old 🙂

  13. Would you ever consider using your bike frame as a fuel reserve? Fuel or water. The frame can be cleaned enough for potable water storage.

  14. Tim another great video. Have you done a video on visibility and/or being seen and riding defensively. On my old GS I run running lights in the front and a rear brake light flasher plus reflector tape in the rear. My old GS is a bumblebee (black/yellow) which I believe also helps being visible.

  15. Hey Tim, you have to be the only advrider who blogs and goes "way" off road who doesn't run knobbies. It almost looks like you have stock Anakees. I'm now running Avon Trailriders because the feel better on gravel forest service roads. Next up might be Mitas E07+. What is your experience with non-knobby tires off road. I'm thinking of doing some of the Idaho BDR, they recommend 50/50 tires. Not sure if it's necessary unless it's raining.

    Maybe a video on tire choices from your perspective would be interesting.

  16. Hey Tim I was wondering if you can do 1 if you have any tips on two tires as far as getting flats and fixing them😀


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