I met Priscilla about 8 months ago. She messaged me on Instagram asking me about van life if it’s possible for her to do it. I’m proud of her and where she has come in the last 8 months, doing the design herself and then having her dad build out her van for her.

Priscilla’s Instagram: @therollingtreevan

Instagram: @g.h.o.s.t.van
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jarrod.tocci
Twitter: @jarrodtocci

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Canon SL2 Camera

Rode Mic

14” Ring Light

Joby Tripod

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  1. nice van. Good video..Nice set up. Jarrod I have yet to see a set up that shames yours. You have to be proud of other's vans..but darn proud of your own build!

  2. What's your secret Jarred !?
    How do you keep meeting attractive, interesting, intelligent women with great van builds ?
    Seriously though, great video & van build.

  3. It's funny, I love your van build, but every time I see another good build, there are some things I like about each of them. I have a new 5th wheel, so now I'm looking to build a van. By the time I finish my build, I should have the best, because it will have a little bit of all these builds. Lol. Thanks Jarrod.

  4. How does he meet these interesting, attractive, intelligent women….take a look at him…He is an interesting, attractive, intelligent, MAN. Like attracts like!!!!!!!! l love her van…it is girly but not all femme!!!! (he is also great videos & great van build) LOL Judie Love her dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What does she do for work. Does she work out of her van? Or does he have a job and if she does what she do with their dogs when she's at work

  6. She must be spending a lot of time looking for a place for her dogs to go you know what and then figure out how to pick it up and throw it away

  7. Jarrod, lol!!! Your interview skills need a little practice lol!! She asked most her own questions lol!! But it's was great regardless πŸ˜‰
    Another van that is beautiful and absolutely better than most others out there. ( besides yours of course) yours is still my fav. 😊
    I am so happy that ppl seem to be taking more pride into their builds and are not leaning towards the beach bum surfer look constantly. Plus it's clean. So clean and clutter free…it's wonderful and thank you for showing us her home.
    Have a blessed Easter if you celebrate and if you don't 😊 Still have a blessed day.
    Michelle from Michigan πŸ’–

  8. It must feel like kismet that you run into van life people from the East coast. One tip Jarrod: to add a more intrapersonal touch to your videos, use the other person's name. Instead of "she" and "her", say "Priscilla". Said with kindness and appreciation of tour work. πŸ˜‡

  9. lovely place! just very nasty that she has her dogs sleep with her in her bed. yikes! But it looks great in there.


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