Who doesn’t love the NYC Nostalgia Train? See the experience of riding an authentic, vintage New York City subway narrated by the voice of the New York City subway, Bernie Wagenblast!

This is the New York Transit Museum’s Holiday Nostalgia Train: Eight antique subway cars from the 1930s which enter the tunnels under Manhattan only a few times per year. During a time of year when New Yorkers are especially nostalgic, the Transit Museum gives riders a little taste of New York’s past.

Hundreds come out for the affair. They’re locals, tourists, photographers, and transit enthusiasts. For the cost of a Metrocard swipe, they’re all here to live a piece of history.

This video is made by Untapped Cities contributor Kevin Phalon, a videographer and editor for PBS’s NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams. In his spare time, Phalon is an avid railroad historian and restoration mechanic. He is the Vice President of Tri-State Railway Historical Society, and is heavily involved with the movement to establish a railroad museum for the state of New Jersey. Phalon attained a degree in Broadcast & Visual Media from Seton Hall University’s College of Communication & the Arts.



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