Seaside Bad Reviews Q Have You Ever Won In the Cruise Ship Casino? Viewers share their best wins in the Cruise Ship Casino! Plus what is up with the MSC Seaside cruise ship? The poor reviews keep coming in!


  1. I'm watching from Beaumont, Tx. Our high today is 46 degrees. I always miss your live show because of work but I have quick question. I will be going on my 4th cruise in April to Nassau and Freeport Bahamas. What are some cheap yet great things to do and see there?

  2. All these bad reviews have really depressed me. I’m taking my very first cruise ever next month on this ship and I’m not even looking forward to it. I wish I could get a refund.

  3. My Carnival cruise 20 years ago I met a super drunk guy in the casino and he was part of some casino rewards program where he got free Carnival cruises as long as he gambled a certain amount on each cruise. He was a hoot and was having the time of his life. We walked away around $50 ahead after playing Caribbean Stud Poker. The fun was totally worth it but the bar bill was enormous LOL.


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