Take a tour of the inside of the beautiful MSC Divina cruise ship, deck by deck. Embarkation takes place on deck 7, and go right up to deck 14 where the Le Sirene Indoor Pool is located. Then see the outdoor pool area (aka Aqua Park) plus the fun activities that take place there including dance classes & the very fun Snow Party. The Gelato Shop is also located here where you can buy some Italian ice cream. Next see the Calumet Buffet which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then see the Aurea Spa and the ship’s gym. Nearby are some ping pong & foosball tables above the La Sirene.

Deck 15 enables you to walk above the main pool or just relax on lounge chairs. The contemporary Disaronno Garden Pool, Bar & Terrace in the back is sleek and allows for nice views on what is behind (& below) the Divina. The kids’ club is also located on this level, but the Youth Staff tends the have the children in other areas around the ship for various activities.

Deck 16 is where the Virtual World is located where you can sit inside a realistic F1 car for a simulation of race. It costs extra (about $5 USD) and was not the easiest to control. An arcade and the Galaxy Disco specialty restaurant is also located on this deck, along with a conference room/library where you normally don’t see many people. One of the most fun activities is the water slide also on deck 16. A sports/basketball court is right behind the slide.

Deck 4 is usually where deck you would go to to get off the ship on ports, and if you are feeling well, the Medical Center is also located at this level.

On Deck 5 there is the customer services desk, the Internet Cafe, and the Black Crab main dining room where you can eat lunch on sea days, or dinner if it is your assigned dining room at night. There is also live piano and violin music in the evenings as well. When were were there in December 2017 they had various holiday/Christmas decor, including a gingerbread house which was cool to see.

We then go up the impressive Swarovski Crystal staircases to deck 6 to the Silver Lounge & Bar, as well as the cruise consultant’s desk, plus a variety of shops, including a candy store. The Piazza del Doge is very interesting with shopping and an extra cost desserts cafe and coffee with reasonable prices. A Cigar Lounge is located here, as well as the ship’s expansive Casino. Interestingly, an arcade is located right nextdoor. The Villa Rosa main dining room is located here where many guests will have complimentary dinner, and you can see a sample menu plus dishes in the video.

Up one to deck 7 there is the funky Black & White lounge where many events take place, as well as the Eataly specialty Italian restaurant (extra cost). The photo gallery is also on this deck, as is the extra cost Cantina di Bacco where you can drink artisan wines & beer, plus eat specialty pizza. You can also take a stroll outside on the Promenade. Here we were able to walk to the back and see the Divina’s wake water trail. You can’t, however, walk around the entire ship on the outside promenade deck- an unfortunate trend with the newer large ships (notable exceptions include Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships). The La Luna piano bar is a relaxing setting right above the Casino below.

The Pantheon Theatre spanning 3 decks provided some terrific entertainment- the singers and dancers did a very good job with the various shows. Several acrobats added to the fun as well.

Overall this was an fun cruise- the MSC Divina has style, features to satisfy many guests, though the complimentary food (buffet & main dining room) were not as good as other mainstream cruise lines. If MSC can improve its dining without guests having to purchase extra to upgrade to Yacht Club, then it certainly will take the cruise from a 3.5 star to a 4 star level.

This was from our December 2017 cruise aboard the Divina from Miami. Please feel free to comment or ask questions and we will be more than happy to answer! Also please see our playlists on with more detail on the food we experienced on the cruise ship, plus the Caribbean ports we visited:



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