Ahoy, I haven’t posted a video for quite some time, but I will soon.. I promise!!!

Watch this video to learn about the actual situation aboard ZERO and get all the details for the Meet & Greet to meet you all here in San Diego before we set sails again..

Click here to find the Facebook event page

Click here to find the Bali Hai Restaurant
Bali Hai Restaurant

Thanks for watching and we hope to meet many of you on Sunday!!


  1. Welcome back Christian and hello to Faith as well. Glad you will be having a new crew member to share your adventures and help you keep Zero looking as beautiful as ever. So looking forward to viewing the coming events sir.

  2. Christian, so glad to see you back on YouTube. I glad you’re doing well and can’t wait to hear some of the work you’ve done. I do apologize for not being able to make it on the 25th as it would be a great opportunity to meet in person finally, however I won’t be able to get to San Diego in that timeframe. Safe sailing and I hope you and Feye have wonderful winds and safe sailing

  3. Excellent news, glad you're back. Welcome Faye, hopefully you can keep Christian focused. Looking forward to seeing all the improvements to Zero and to find out your sailing plans.

  4. Yaaay Great to see you on youtube again. Was hoping you hadn't thrown in the towel. Have loved your adventures so far and look forward to watching more with you & your new crewmate 🙂

  5. I follow the SV Delos and was in SAN for work a couple days ago. Well I take a morning run and see a really cool boat called Zero with a pretty girl on the back deck, whoa! Lucky sailors I think. So here I am, will follow your journeys, fair winds and following seas mates.

  6. Great to see you back… can’t wait for the next adventure and welcome to Fay. Will be watching your journey from the UK..

  7. Hey Christian, good to see you! Forget YouTube, just enjoy your life! And get back down here to Mexico dude! Cheers from Guaymas!

  8. So glad your back. We are ready to see you make some videos, and to meet the new lady o the boat and hear her story too.

  9. Way to go Christian I love your boat and your videos can't wait to watch more of your journey take care man , Carsten

  10. There’s two of you now again so set the viewing camera on two people , share , you partner had a quick intro and backed out of your speal thanks


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