A preview of my April Amazon Prime Show April episode.

April is Spring here in London. The weather is improving. Easter gives many Londoners a long bank holiday weekend. I go the the bakers bread ahead for hot cross buns.

Do a tour of London’s best chocolate shops. Visit the theatre and cheer on runners at the London marathon.


  1. I really appreciate your videos! I cannot wait to visit London and check out many of the locations you have shown me. Thanks from Atlanta!

  2. at 2:39 – holy shit, there's Julian McDonell of Joolz Guide to London! I'd recognize his signature bowler hat and distinctive voice anywhere! 🙂

  3. Dude, I'm coming over there and you and I are gonna eat all that delicious British food!
    I'll buy, you guide the tour.

  4. A great video, your exposure on London is fantastic and shows London as a world-class city that it is. I love, adore LA but I am always pulled back to London


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