Koh Kood (เกาะกูด) is a paradise island in Thailand!
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Day 8 (Koh Kood เกาะกูด, also spelled Ko Kood or Koh Kut): Eastern Thailand Food and Travel Tour. Watch all 8 videos here:

This is Day 8 of my Eastern Thailand food and travel series. Our final destination was the island of Koh Kood (เกาะกูด), and one of the best islands and most beautiful in Thailand. From the water to the beaches, to the jungle, you’ll be in awe.

How to get to Koh Kood? We took the Boonsiri Ferry – 1,000 THB ($31.75) per person round-trip. It takes about 1.5 hours to get there.

On this one day guide of food and travel in Koh Kood (เกาะกูด), we hired a pickup truck to drive us around (Private vehicle – 2,000 THB ($63.50) whole day) to some of the famous sites, beaches, and restaurants. It was an amazing day.

The Sunshine Resort Koh Kood at Ao Phrao Beach (อ่าวพร้าว) – This is where we stayed for the first few nights in Koh Kood. A very nice relaxing quiet place.

Khao Saleun (ข้าวสะลื่น) – It doesn’t really have a name, but this small rice and curry restaurant serves great food in Koh Kood.
Mushroom curry (แกงเห็ดเสม็ด)
Chicken curry (แกงไก่บ้าน)
Total price – 100 THB ($3.17)

Old Tree 1
Old Tree 2

Klong Chao Waterfall (น้ำตกคลองเจ้า) – There are a number of tropical waterfalls on Koh Kood, and we went to Klong Chao, because of its big pool of water. It did start raining, but it was still fun.

Khao Reua Rub (เขาเรือรบ) – This is a shrine and there’s not much to see, but it’s interesting.

Bang Bao Beach (บางเบ้า) – This is one of the best beaches in Koh Kood and in Thailand. Crystal clear bathtub water.

Ao Yai Fisherman Village (บ้านอ่าวใหญ่) – One of the things I wanted to do most in Koh Kood was visit a fishing village to eat seafood. The village is great, and well worth checking out and exploring when you’re in Koh Kood.

Chonthicha Restaurant (ร้านชลธิชา) – There are a few different seafood restaurants, but we chose this one.
Squid with garlic (ปลามึกทอดกระเทียม)
Murex sashimi (หอยเงาะ)
Hoy pawk pad prik pao (หอยพอกผัดพริกเผา)
Shrimp pineapple curry (แกงคั่วสับปะรด)
Fried slipper lobster (กั้งกระดานทอดกระเทียม)
Total price – 1,360 THB ($43.18)

The most unique dish of the meal was Murex sashimi (หอยเงาะ), in Thai it’s called a Rambutan Shell, after the fruit.

Koh Kood (เกาะกูด) is the type of island where you can go to your resort and just not move, and that is great. But there are also some amazing things to do when you’re there as well, and I hope this video gives you some great ideas. Thank you for watching!


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  1. I enjoy watching all of the series going to different parts of Thailand Mark! Thank you! Love seeing Micah and Ying as well.

  2. Hi Mark! I just have to say, your videography level went from 99 to 999999. Awesome video blogs! Congratulations to you and your family! Cheers to more blogs of yours!

  3. I seriously love your family. Congrats on hitting 2 million subscribers! Thank you for letting me get all the best vicarious satisfaction out of your hard work. God bless your family.

  4. excellent vids I like it so much I watched them all again. Thank you for these incites into another countries food.

  5. Can I make a suggestion? We recommend that you provide a translation into various languages, for example Indonesian, because many who watch the show you but do not understand what you say, thank you

  6. Mark you and Ying and Micah… are amazing!! I have followed you for a while.. Congratulations on your 2mil Mark what a milestone.. You do a wonderful job in sharing your taste of food and travel.. looking forward to your next adventure..🤙🏼

  7. Hello Mark Wiens,
    I am your big fan . I want to met with you. I inviting in Bangladesh. Do you like to travel in Bangladesh? If you visit in Bangladesh you would be know about nice bangali food. I'll be very happy if you contact me . Thanks.

  8. Koh Chang is so awesome! Have to try Koh Kood! I go to Kog Chang partly because of the curries that are a bit hard
    to find in Thailand… (Yes it sounds weird, but if you've traveled Thailand you know that it's so)….

  9. You don't deserve the 2 million subs… your video are boring all the same reaction given..not a honest review about food I don't think so all the food you taste are WOW as u mentioned Everytime in your video. FAKE REACTION AS ALWAYS

  10. Mark you comment on how dirty the beaches are… full of plastic and crap everywhere … but offer no solution to the problem… Plastic bottles, ear buds and straws are all contributing to the problem. Instead of pigging out and goring on animals brains and intestines maybe a little more thought on what you're doing to this planet …[email protected] #markwiens Mark Wiens @migrationology

  11. Thank you Mark for all of your fantastic videos. Love all the food exploration and walkabouts. Wish i could taste the world of flavors 🙂 Also a big hello to Ying and Micah! Keep up your good work 🙂

  12. Those waterfalls look like the ones we have here in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains and the water is cold cold cold. Looks beautiful there.

  13. I solute you for filming, editing and so on to make it so professional and quality vdo just only two of you can make the show so good. By the way, I am a fan of you, Anthony Boudian (RIP) and Andrew.


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