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EDITOR // Andres Kushimoto
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  1. There are around 75000 Chinese Jamaicans and that population is growing especially since our relations with China is increasing.

  2. As usual Fung bros. Killin-it. So proud of you guys. I am Jamaican- canadian and there is so much more to this story. There is Byron Lee and the Dragonaires around the same time as Bob Marley and the Wailers, and he is Chinese-Jamaican. And today there is Tessanne Chin who is just killin-it now. Anyways good show, thank you for showing another part of Jamaican culture to the world. Perhaps do a show on how the Chinese got to Jamaica in the 1850's.

  3. #Fact did you know ackee the national dish you ate is actually a very poisonous fruit that can kill you if you don't cook it properly, you have to wait until the fruit is opened fully on it's own, you boil it properly and your good to go.

  4. man this i gotta book flight to Jamaica cant be missing out on that culinary experience – my father afghan my mother Italian

  5. I am a native Jamaican in the USA that is well mixed and blended from many countries, as I found in my genealogy research. I am Chinese, African, British, Scottish, Irish, Syrian(Lebanese), French, Indian, and German. My extended family is large and my grand parents, uncles, parents and cousins left Jamaica to travel to world to find jobs and affordable education for their children. So, I now have first and second cousins in Dubai, Italy, UK, France, Australia, Canada, USA, Panama (canal builders) and some traveled to Cuba.

  6. – Missing from the menu are Breadfruit, green bananas, yam, sweet potato, coco, cassava, chocho (a.k.a., chayote, christophine)
    – Trivia: Ackees scientific name is Blighia Sapida. It was named after Captain Bligh (of the Mutiny on the Bounty fame) after he dropped breadfruit off to Jamaica from Tahiti and returned with Jamaican ackee samples to England on his second and more successful breadfruit delivery. Of course, the first trip ended in mutiny.
    – Trivia: Ackee is in the same scientific family with lychee, longan, rambutan, and guinep.

  7. ok, this segment is about Jamaican dishes, why is everyone else on here trying to squeeze in their islands too.

    Just lohow, wih nuh.
    Goes to show, we are and will always be the most popular island in the Western Caribbean.
    Hate if u want, idc…ur hate rants will be in cyberspace.

  8. Calaoo is nothing like collard greens, it is more delicate and needs little preparation (Just a wash and steam) compared to collard greens

  9. why show an mixed asian why not just a black jamaican do chinese black jamaicans represent the majority jamaicans

  10. Well awkward how i randomly stumbled across this in my recommendation to find out that his secound name is Dacres… And my secound name is Dacres LOL

  11. I have a few bones to pick… 1.Jamaicans do not speak broken English. They speak Patwa, which is an English based Creole. We do know how to speak the queens English, and know how to switch between the two.
    2. What the hell was that they were calling calaloo? Dat neva look right.
    3. That vado and vybz explanation 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️


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