Albeit, this was a different trip. As a honeymoon trip, I decided to make it a carefree and simple road trip to Nepal. This is just the beginning.

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Camera Gear:
Primary Helmet Cam – OR
Mic – OR
Primary Cam port converter –
Secondary Action Cam – and
Action Cam charger –
Spare Cam battery compatible with both SJCam and Gitup2 –
Some Vlogs/Shots –
Moto G5S Plus –
DLSR Mic –
DSLR Extra Battery –
DSLR Hood –
DSLR Filter –
Drone –
Lens cleaning Kit –
Timelapse Head –
Tripod –
Mini Tripod for Action Cam –
All Action Cam Mounts –
Curved & Straight sticky Mounts for Action Cam –
SD Cards –

Riding Gear –
Motovlogging Helmet – Sol SM1 –
Pillion Helmet – Vega Offroad –
Riding Gloves –
Thermal Gloves –
Heated Gloves –
Face Mask – Half mask –
Knee Guard – Generic – upgraded later to
Recently, upgraded Knee Guard to –
Leg/Waist Bag –
GPS Mount Rynox Croc –
Bluetooth Headset –

Luggage –
Tank Bag –
Saddle Bags –
Foldable Waterproof Backpack –

Motorcycle Mods –
Handlebar Guards –
Kind of similar Top Box – (Mine is Studds)
Fog Lamps –
Bike Mobile Charger 1 –
Bike Mobile Charger 2 – (with 12v socket)
USB / Temparature / Battery Voltage socket –
Foldable levers –
Metal 10 liter Jerry Cans –

Toolbox –
Chain Splitter –
Michelin MultiTool –
Wallet Multitool –

Engine Oil –
Motul 7100 – (used for short rides)
Motul 300V – (used for long rides)

Camping Gear –
Tent –
Sleeping Mat –
Sleeping Bag –
Track: Inukshuk – Too Far Gone [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:

Track: T-Mass – Ignoring My Heart [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:


  1. Happy Journey… nice vlogs…. But seeing u without motorcycle I am not so happy… What ever happy journey… Nice vlogs. Dekhne Ka Maja ah Raha hai…

  2. অভিনন্দন । বিবাহিত জীবন আনন্দময় হোক।

  3. দাদা ভাত কাপরের দাইতো না নিয়ে বিরিয়ানি আর কাপরের দাইতো নাও..বৌদী বেশি খুশী হবে😇😇

  4. Hi, Dada, seeing Priyanka smile even after missing her lunch, shows that she is up for the challenge of being a hardcore companion n a pilion rider for a really long long time. Cheers to both of you for the bonding of love and companionship..

  5. Hill stations that can be visited from Birgunj border – Kathmandu, Pokhara, Daman, Nagarkot, Simbhanjyang, Dakshinkali, Manokamana, etc


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