I had such a blast in Boston this week, come along on my adventure!

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  1. Y'all were complaining about the cold, and all I could think was, "Didn't you think to bring a coat?!"

    Then I realized you and Pat are from "warmer climates", lol.

  2. I wish I could go to things like this but I can only go when I’m in middle school and I want to into art and games more so I can understand more of the things you do

  3. Gah this makes me hope even more that PAX East 2019 happens for me! Also the birb shots were 👌

  4. Thanks for taking the time to vlog! I managed to catch you two on the harmonix/ablegamers stream, good job helping a great cause! 👍🎸

  5. 🙁 I wanna see you jp but I live in west Virginia. I've been a fan of you since 8th grade and I'm in 10th grade now. Wait… Like I think since 2015 .ive been a fan of mark and jack and Wade since 2014 .im so happy that everyone's channel has grown. Dem salty bois never seem to fail to cheer me up! Over the summer I had to go to the hospital due to an overdose (I tried to kms.) I had nothing to do in the hospital bed but sleep and watch YouTube. I watched y'alls uno videos. Jp you made me laugh while in a hospital bed. The nurses was wondering what I was giggling about so much. Also I'm a fan of patrck, Gar, Molly, the whole avocado pretty much Lmao. I get so happy watching your vids jp. You're such a comedian and deserve wayyy more recognition than you get all ready. I love you jp, keep doing what you're doing. You may not be a big time YouTuber with all these subscribers ;but you do have a big heart with a community that loves you. That's all that really matters. Plus a little YouTube money income is a great plus ;). Well anyyywayys this 16 year old West Virginian loves your content, your friends, and you. Have a great day jp!

  6. well jp i hit that dislike button for love just like you said
    .. i don't normally hit that but since you asked politely lol

  7. It was nice talking to you JP, (I was the one with the Lightning hat) hope I didn't talked you and Dlive's ears off

  8. JP: What do you think about Reinhardt I need a DESCRIPTIVE answer
    My dumbass: He's uhhhh….a big guy with some big plans

  9. To See That Painting In The Background At The Start Of The Video Just Makes My Day. Also I'm So Glad You Had Fun At PAX. I Hope To Maybe See You Next Year.


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