Hey guys this video we talk money, how to budget while sailing, how we continue to sail plus answer some more questions you all asked so sorry if you are new to our videos this isn’t just about how we do it there is some other stuff on here too 😉

This video was delayed getting uploaded…so it was Lees Birthday yesterday or still today somewhere in the world!!

Big love the Catalpa Crew

Lee, Sara, Taj and Bella xox

Cheers for watching and have an epic day!

Sean Fitzgerald East of Eden

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  1. I stumbled across your videos and went on an all night marathon watching them , what an amazing and loving family , keep up the good work looking forward to more videos . ,,,,,,,, Good job with you mechanic skills CAPTAIN .

  2. Did Patreon deciding to charge your supporters a fee cause you to lose some of those supporters? I know that they retracted their decision, but I had to stop supporting great people like you.

  3. Yep… thank you for sharing yours videos to the Planet . Happy birthday to you, and enjoying 24/7 . Hug's from US

  4. Happy Birthday Lee! You are by far our favorite sailing channel. Best wishes from the USA.  Ps. we got Taj's pirate shirt today. We'll work on a thank you video when the weather improves.

  5. My wife and I are following your travels. We really like how real that your videos are. You are all likeable just as you are so no need to do much setup and acting. Just keep doing what you have been doing and we feel sure that you will gain additional loyal support to help along with those expenses. We are in the process of going cruising full time as well so our funds are a bit limited but we will see if we can help you out a bit. It is certainly heartwarming to see such a loving, happy and close family. Fair winds and calm seas. Jim and Joann

  6. My first Q & A with you guys. Bummer I missed another one. You guys !!!!!!!
    Freakin Over-The-Top!! Lee is going (or may already be there by now) on 38 …. puppy !!
    Age is a number for governments and stuff, yet it's how you feel and take care of your self that matters. You guys are L.E.G.E.N.D.S. 😊🌷🌹🌸💐🌺✨⛵️⚓️🍻✨

  7. Hi again. I was wondering what size scuba tanks you use? Especially Bella. My daughter is 13 and quite small. I want to get her a tank . Kiani loves watching your adventures and seeing what the kids get up too. She wants me to get a boat so we can go sailing. Thanks again for sharing the fun lifestyle.

  8. A better question of how to you afford to stay afloat is "how the hell does a boat made of concrete float" LOL.. jk. Pretty impressive budget for a family of 4. Maybe someday make a vlog on how you do that…. and happy birthday !

  9. Aww , you guys are just brilliant. Taj and Bella have two pretty awesome parents. Thanks for letting us strangers in to your lives.

  10. Love you guys. Hopefully we'll see you out there in a beautiful anchorage somewhere.
    Ogg family on S.V. Avalon⛵🌎🌏🌍✌💞😊

  11. Funny how different the answer can be…. We answered the same question a week ago on our channel and the answers were somewhat different… One of the things I love – tons of ways to afford a cruising life, but as you say: Stay away from land, always saves you a ton of money!

  12. Really Lee 38 is fun. Hey I turn 55 this year and still feel and look 30. Not to worry mate!! It’s all good. Cheers from Fort Lauderdale,Florida

  13. 38? Hell, you still got the original tag on your ass. Happy Birthday Lee!!!! Good on you for having such a great family. Well done

  14. Latin America and the Caribbean is waiting to see you guys … I wonder if you could tell me if the hat you used in the past is an Australian traditional hat or you made it mate? Keep sailing …!

  15. Its funny how you said that there are never any leftovers after cooking a meal. It was the exact same for us and I think its because the kids get older and eat the same amount as an adult. When they were younger, meal planning was so much easier and there were always plenty of leftovers for lunches and snacks for the following days. But once the kids got older and were in their mid teens, they were just killing the food stores. We would always joke saying "didn't you kids just eat yesterday?" haha… Great Q&A!

  16. Catalpa is a genus of trees that has multiple species ranging from Midwestern states down into the sub tropics. It does indeed have heart shaped leaves, and in Northern Illinois it usually flowers late May to early June. I was lucky enough to have one of the counties largest Catalpa tree in my front yard when I lived in another town, it measured over 1.25 meter diameter at breast height and was easily 55 meters wide and 20 meters tall. It is spectacular when in flower, looks like it is covered with several centimeters of snow. When the flowers dropped, it looked like the ground was covered with snow in June! The seed is like a very large vanilla bean. The wood of the tree is relatively soft but the roots were used as a source for railroad ties in earlier days.

  17. Lee you have a beautiful lady there, but if you ever decide to sell her I will give you 6 goats and 4 chickens for her. Ok thought about it a little and I will throw in 2 more chickens for you deckhands.

  18. Good Vids folks ! Thanks for the tips been planning the same thing with my young bloke ! How do you go with home schooling? My Boy is 12 in year 7 ! Name changing isn’t that bad , there’s a ceremony you do ! The old name on my boat was terrible and it wasn’t looked after by the people who had it built , so for me it was a no brainer in changing her name ! She was out of the water for years and I gave her love ! Looked up heaps of pages on name changes ! Loads of boat have done it with no dramas ! Might pull up next to you guys one day soon ! Cheers

  19. Check Amazon for generators! Since you only need a backup, don't spend the money on a Honda, go for a cheaper one and when you get back to the real world, trade both in for the Honda that you really want!

  20. Just always smiling … I love your channel … I am from the uk so don't tell anyone I love  this channel, as a pom  we have winging standards to keep up …..much hugs ….

  21. Hey guys, beautiful video. Thanks so much for sharing… I am one of those ones who has the boat, but still saving! Geez.. Should just do it.


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