Showing Nick around NYC for 2 days in a tour fit for first-timers and those on a budget. Including: bagels, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, Shake Shack, Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, McSorely’s Old Ale House, Comedy Cellar, Brooklyn Bridge, and more.

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  1. Hi guys 👋 NYC is on the bucket list so very cool to get your personal insight M J & that kiwi boy you have there looked very NYC hip while there but one thing you missed was a visit to Casey Neistat 🤭

  2. Nick lite up at 5:22 😀 Man that bagel was HUGE! What a great video Mari & Nick! That ferry ride looked epic! What was the Dumbo reference? Is that the neighborhood nickname? till next time ka kite ano!

  3. I loved how all the attractions in Manhattan were closeby. I enjoyed my time in the Bronx too. Walking across Brooklyn Bridge was such an awesome experience. We had the best pizza I've ever tasted in NY especially $1 slices. Sadly I have yet to find that same taste in any of our places in NZ. 😣 Sal's says its authentic NY pizza but I don't think it even comes close! Ka kite ano korua 😊

  4. Wow!  You gave him a grand 2 days in nyc.  how did y'all get around as you did loads of stuff in short period of time?  Don't say walked!  LOL  I need to take hubby back there…. every time we've been there it has been a hurried trip.  He did get to go to David Letterman show LOL  Dave asked any dentists in the crowd and Rob raised his hand…  so he picked on him during the show making smirky comments about dentists!

  5. Hey Mari this is really cool 😎 it’s great to see Nick in your homeland enjoying the sights and everything. Maybe someday you will both returned to the states if things plan out 👍🤗🤩

  6. Moving to NYC at the end of the summer — looking forward to the adventure!   Thanks for the vid!!!!

  7. Enjoyed your video. Taking my 18 year old to NYC for his first trip ever. Going for a few days before we leave on a cruise out of Bayonne. We are staying in Time Square for three nights. Planning on doing many of these things. We don't have a Shake Shack here but it is on my list. Do you have a favorite pizza place? Ever been to Carmines Italian? Thanks!

  8. I like riding the Staten Island Ferry whenever I vacation there. I've also walked the whole High Line when I went in 2016. My favorite attraction in New York involves "subbing it" as you said in one of your older videos. Riding the subway everywhere without the need of a car is my favorite thing to do in NYC. I'll sub it here & there using an unlimited ride Metrocard. I'm planning to return for my 5th trip to NYC this summer. I've become a "subbing" expert now that I even help other tourists out with it.

  9. Mari!! I am moving to new york in a couple of months and I am wondering what is your advice w/ moving to NYC from a fellow west coast girl?


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