How To Disney: Transportation Around Walt Disney World
Today we though we would explain transportation and let you know its completely free to use.

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  1. Tossing out some encouragement. Love the videos. Between you and Tim Tracker you guys make it easy for us Canadians (and elsewhere) figure out how to game plan as best as we can. Considering early 2019 for a family trip with our soon to be infant… can't wait. Haven't been to wdw since I was 5…

  2. Do you think many people park at Disney Springs take a bus to a resort and then a bus to the parks. I wish Disney buses stoped at the other end of Disney Springs. Maybe have 2 stops

  3. We stayed at Fort Wilderness a week ago and we went to After Hours on Thursday, February 15th. The monorail nor the boats were running at midnight that night. They had everyone who was staying at all the Magic Kingdom resorts in the same bus line. We went to the Contemporary, Polynesian, The Grand Floridian, and Wilderness Lodge. When we got to The Wilderness Lodge the bus driver didn't want to take us to Fort Wilderness so he told us to go to the bus waiting to go to Fort Wilderness. That was the only time I was upset about transportation that week. We bought tickets that were $119.00 each for After Hours and Disney put guests from 5 resorts on the same bus after midnight. We didn't get to our cabin until after 1:00 in the morning. We never waited more than 2-3 minutes for a bus to pull up to our cabin loop stop all week. I think Disney needs to treat their guests a little better than we were treated the night of After Hours. Thank you for your videos! We ate at two places thanks to reviews from y'all. We ate at Polite Pig and Flame Tree and we loved both. We were there for a week celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary. I was hoping to see y'all in one of the parks. Maybe next time…….

  4. Good morning from Scotland. Great Video. Good advice. We probably like the monorail the most. Also like u Taylor I like the being on the bus looking at the signs. My wife and youngest daughter are disabled and I find now that taking our own car is a lot quicker

  5. Awesome video, again! Count down is 71 days til 'Showtime!' We hope to run into you guys when we are there.  Keep the videos coming!

  6. I'm a boat guy so anytime I can get on a boat I do. We drive down so our morning trips to AK, Epcot and MGM are always in our car. As far as the MK we take the bus (if we not staying on the monorail) it's just something about going to MK that we feel like we have to ride the bus.

  7. Hey there! New subscriber here as I stumbled upon your channel in my recommended videos and immediately loved the content! Disney vlogs are amazing! Loved your format! If you're up for a challenge, check out the Daily Disney Trivia Challenge on my channel. Hopefully we can connect one day to collab! #disneyfamily

  8. Love the videos guys. Just a question though, do you guys plan on making some universal videos? Universal is also super fun and there are a lot of things to do.

  9. I have really been enjoying your channel, but I especially love that you are adding "How To" info! It's so nice to watch someone go through the steps to help us non locals prepare. My husband & I will be there this May…crossing my fingers the rose gold ears last till then. 😉 Keep it up I always look forward to your videos!!

  10. Back of the bus! Fantastic video guys! Lots of good information. I love the variety of transportation in Disney. We counted on our last holiday that we took around 50 bus trips (over 2 weeks) as well as the monorails and boats! x

  11. Have a 4pm reservation for Hoop Dee Doo Revue. We'll be at Magic Kingdom that day so the plan is take a boat to Fort Wilderness and then back to MK afterwards to finish the night. How much time should I plan for to make sure we get to HDD Revue?

  12. I love that Disney Transportation lets me live in my little vacation bubble and I don't have to drive my "real life" car lol. I get to let everyone else do all the boring stuff for me lol

  13. Great job, guys. At this point we just drive our own car to most places – parking is usually fine, plus we have had an instance where someone threw up on a bus which just always sticks out to us. However, if we can monorail anywhere (without a transfer), we usually do – because, c'mon, monorail! We also take boats as well when available when we are going at a leisurely place – but it is nice to have all the options available. Big mistake people make is wait for the night ferry or monorail at MK – I've waited an hour for either – either take a resort boat to Poly or walk to Contemporary and board the monorail there.

  14. They need more Busses. Hey you were just King of the Bus! like Tim Tracker. When we were there last year you started using Uber or now you can use the Disney car service for I think $25.00 to anywhere. so I think that is 3-4 people in a car maybe in a car.

  15. Here's another tip about resorts with multiple bus stops. Always go to stop #1 to get on. Any other and you risk the bus being full. Especially the park with early magic hours.

  16. Are there buses traveling between resorts? If you're staying in Animal kingdom but have a dinner reservation at the Polynesian, is there a bus from Animal Kingdom to the Poly?

  17. If you don’t have park hoppers on your ticket does walking through Epcot to get to the monorail take a day off your ticket? For example if I have a 4 day base ticket, and scan it to just walk through Epcot, does that leave me with only 3 days left? I would hate to lose a day just to walk through to get to the monorail. I have always wondered about this so am happy to have experts to ask. Thanks!


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