Welcome back again to another episode here on the Oshay Vlogcast Channel. Today I am interviewing Winner Laowai in China aka Randy Flagg on this important topic.

Winner Laowai Youtube Channel:


  1. 24:20 After ten or more years there he should know the differences in culture. Offering a drink and cigarette, regardless of whether or not they know you smoke, is perfectly normal in China. They do this with each other. They do it for anyone. They are being friendly and polite, for their culture. The person who takes offense at that kind of stuff really should have done more research before traveling.

  2. Folks, we need to know that we have no enfranchisement on foreign land. And we can't really establish ourselves on foreign land without backup. We really have to move around the world as a team.
    Fuck these other bitches man – stick with black chicks and they don't have to be american neither

  3. Chinese can change, really? How long have black folks being saying the same thing about whites. WOW – we are in trouble man

  4. fuck china japan and all the rest of these countries that dont care for black people these sell out ass niggers and oshay is the biggest coon he live in poland im not fucking with. no other nationality of woman i love my black woman and that will never change facts

  5. I agree with Sgt. W Pete, the imagery of ultra-mascu;line dark black males and the producers of such are damaging our people as a whole as these images are seen globally.

  6. This Black chick that I used to smash, taught in China for one year. She told me how racist they are.

    The Philippines is a cool place. I have visited 3 times and never had any problems. I don't visit bars and I've only dated conservative Filipinas.

  7. Filipina women in the Philippines 🇵🇭 are a better options for dark skinned black males. Over Chinese women !

  8. After hearing the story with the African footballer, I think I will skip China.


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