One of the questions I get asked the most is how I afford to travel all the time. Well, here’s the answer!

(Sorry for my croaky voice and a few weird jumpy cuts – I had hayfever and kept sneezing!)

In this video, I’ll be breaking down my income and showing you exactly how I make money online while travelling full-time. WARNING: There’s no big spoiler in here. I worked hard, took risks and made room for flexibility in my life.

There’s no secret to travelling full-time but it is something I had to work for. I’m not rich and I don’t have someone paying my way. I’ve earned every single penny I’ve ever spent on travel and continue to do so. The difference is that I now do it WHILE travelling!

I hope this video answers any of your questions about how I afford to travel so much and how I can travel full-time. I feel like it’s a really simple answer, but I just wanted to put it out there because I get asked a LOT.

Making money online is simple (not necessarily easy!) if you have the right skills. Getting to a point where I can be location independent and enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle that I’ve been living since 2017.


  1. Sweeeeet!!…thanks for sharing…I think this will totally inspire the dreamers to formulate a plan…and though for you it may seem simple… it is really a complex and extraordinary feat… yet you are proof that with intellect, and a lot of hard work… it’s attainable!!!…super stoked for you!!… awesome!!!💯…

  2. I gave a thumbs up. As usual, a great video. Some of the jump cuts were a little more jumpy than normal but hardly important when what matters is the conversation & subject matter. 🙂
    Looking forward to the next video 🙂

  3. Great volg Jodie! A spoiled brat Livin on mommy and daddy's money? Sounds like some people are very jealous of you. 😂 don't let them get to you. Be safe.

  4. Gday! I'm a half Filipino travel vlogger looking for amazing stories to tell anywhere in the world! Have you got any recommendations!?

  5. Thank you so much for this video, Jodie! We’re planning to go on a worldtrip next year 🙂 Super inspiring to hear how you live!

  6. Jodie, ask Brendan to cover all of your travel expenses. I can write a letter of recommendation for you, if you need it.

  7. Always find your videos very interesting. I wonder if you showed what you actually do? I know SEO doesn't rock like photography but as a small business owner I'm thinking are you someone that can help me? So seeing wht you do would make this channel a platform without making it overtly ad heavy.

  8. Well done to you Jodie. You knew what you wanted, planned ahead and made it work and now you have the rewards of freedom and travel. Nice share and a big like 🙂

  9. The editing/jumps were making me feel sick. Too many in such a short sequence with no obvious reason for them other than you haven’t planned what to say

  10. Thanks for sharing…I’m currently living in the Philippines. And maybe I’ll start to vlog too. I think you’re great…keep on being you. Aloha

  11. Your eyes are so wonderfully beautiful that even a very famous painter would encounter many difficulties to paint them

  12. A definite thumbs up . . . . there`ll always be people who whinge and complain because you`re doing something they haven`t got the nerve or where with all to do . . . . keep the vlogs coming, i think they`re great 🙂

  13. There are so many people out there that just have absolutely no idea how much work it is to be a photographer, vlogger, blogger, writer, musician etc. People just assume you're independently wealthy or "funded" somehow. It's just like any other job in the sense that one has to be motivated to get up every day and do the best you can at your job. I would go as far as to say that it's much harder than a common line of wok. Respect.

  14. Great video! I can tell you planned things very well! It's always good to have a backup plan handy in case things did not work out. Fortunately, it hasn't come to that which is great!

  15. This is well done but don't feel you need to explain yourself to the internet. Enjoy life. It's yours to enjoy.

  16. I enjoyed this mate but it still doesn't make sense or add up. When you're travelling you still have to stay somewhere…..interested to know how the math works….obviously living at home is more expensive but you have a job….. when you're travelling how do you pay for accommodation?


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