After spending a month with the old man, we continue back on our leg west. I have a little heart to heart chat with the commenters, share my travel plans, and get bonked on the head with a nice heavy water filter.

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I left the rat race to live full time on the road and so can you! The key to freedom is to lower your expenses. In my former life, I managed a company that struggled to stay out of the red. This is where I learned to hone my frugality skills and use them to my own advantage by becoming a minimalist at home. The biggest expense we all have living in a sticks and bricks is our rent or mortgage. We work most of our adult lives to make a bank or landlord / landlady rich! With ever increasing real estate prices and stagnant wages the cost of living has skyrocketed. Many can barely make ends meet and live paycheck to paycheck. You can stop the madness by thinking outside the box and joining this growing movement of full-timers that enjoy van-dwelling or RV living. If you dream about a life of travel you can do it incredibly cheap just by downsizing your lifestyle into a RV or van “tiny house” and becoming mobile.

In this series, I go from a home in the Los Angeles hills packed full of stuff and owning two cars to full-timing in a Roadtrek campervan in less than 6 months. I buy an old camper van on Craigslist and deck it out just like home with all kinds of technology to make life comfortable on the road. I hope to encourage those that think they “can’t do it” by showing how it CAN be done by planning carefully and taking baby steps.

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  1. Hey Tom, any plans to upload videos from where you left off back in 2017? Would still like to see those. Anyways, looking forward to the next phase of your trip. Drive safe!

  2. I have just started my channel and I have got to tell you. Anybody that does not think it is work to have one does not know what work is. And I don't put have as much time in on mine as you and other YouTubers do. You have a great channel and I love Odin. Just keep up the good work and we'll keep watching. Be careful on your trek.

  3. Dude, just do whatever the hell ya want to do and we're gonna watch. The comments you're focused on probably comprise a minuscule percentage of us who just want to see what you're up to and will watch every video. It's you're world, we're just the peoples! 🙂

  4. You rock! Glad you visited your Dad as that window is not always open. You got skills as you continue to have both tech and soft skills set. Keep it up

  5. You are a delight and I find your videos very interesting whether it's something I'd ever tackle or not.
    I like your methodical approach and your explicit explanations.
    As I've stated you research things so well that I feel like you're the expert.
    I like that your videos are casual, and they're just day-by-day travels.
    Things that happen as they happen.

    Do what's best for you… you can't please the world so don't try.

    Those who enjoy will join… those who don't, it's their loss.

    You and Odin have fun…be safe! 😁

  6. Looking forward to the trip, gonna have some good vids coming up, your ebike content was great too, your YouTubers comment was funny as heck.

  7. Hi Tom. Really enjoy your channel and I am glad you got to spend some quality time with your dad. Think you could make a detour to the Yukon? I finally got my 95 road trek (bought in a Japanese auction) ready for the camping season. We took our first family trip in it to Alaska (Skagway). It was great. I am also really considering building an e-bike now as well. Just need to save up some dough 🙂 I was only joking about a trip to the Yukon but maybe sometime down the road. The Yukon is beautiful and you pretty much need to get MIR to Alaska at some point 😉

  8. Coeur d'Alene is beautiful I think you will like it. you probably don't want to miss the Sawtooth mtns in central Idaho too. I also highly recommend southern Utah and far northern California.

  9. I think your video logs and travels, as well as the photography is hard to top.
    But with so many RVers competing and saturating the travel markets and doing the same thing its overwhelmingly duplicative.

    Some rely on drama…it's not necessary…neither is it interesting to me.
    Facts and educational things are interesting. The obvious…museums, sites, nature, seeing things indigenous such as capturing wildlife and snapping landscape.

    The geology and history of areas such as Yellowstone's Caldera might be relevant, so few talk about its ominous side, instead they focus on its unique beauty.

    Also, different things one can do (free or reasonably priced) or places they can eat where you visit (landmarks).

    I think you have excellent rapport with people. Maybe if you were to do some chats/interviews with some of the locals, shops, tourist places (balloon rides, special events, etc.)…could make you a recognized celebrity…might pull in more viewers who love information, and connecting to the residents.

    More frequent (as stated) videos no more then 15 minutes, and a once a month live Q and A session.
    Subscribers like to be connected.

    Most RVers are loners, some share and some whine. I've noticed more and more are using it for therapy then for sharing.
    Fix it videos are also excellent. Find a niche market that nobody else is covering.

    Since most YouTube videos do drive-bys of places they visit, factor in what you as a viewer might like to see when you're watching someone traveling.

    You are good, much better than you think. I think it bothers you to put out so much effort and not reap the reward. So try working smarter….not harder.

    Good luck, safe travels and looking forward to you and Odin's future videos.

  10. So glad you had a good visit with your dad. I personally didn't expect any videos while you were with family, so thank you for making the effort!! Ignore the complaints and just keep doing your thing.

  11. Consider going to the South entrance of Yellowstone and enter Grand Teton National Park. The mountains are pretty spectacular and I encountered a herd of bison there was well. If you enter both parks I think the fee is $50 but for $30 more you can get the National Parks pass to enter all National Parks for a year. Hope you get to take advantage of the e-bike to get into more remote areas.

    Consider stocking up well before getting into Wyoming. Shopping options are limited and local stores can be extremely expensive. My biggest regret when I visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton is not spending more time there. If possible you might enjoy extending your stay.

    Can't wait to see your images and video!

  12. Hi Tom, I watch all your videos, always well done. Don’t be discouraged buy the people that complaine, you can’t please them all. Your electric bike video was full of great tips. P.s. Oden is one cool cat !

  13. You'll never be able to please everybody. Keep doing what you want to do! I think you have some great travel videos, but also have the ability to explain tech issues/functions in a way everybody can understand.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. We LIKE all your videos, Tom !!!
    Too bad you are not coming up into the Ne England states … would have liked to meet up dude … Hey, SAFE travels and look forward to your next vid, brother !!

  15. I really like your travel videos the best, but won't complain about the tech – you're doing great and I appreciate the efforts you put into your channel 🙂

  16. I watch your videos because they are entertaining and informative. Don’t change anything for others because you can’t please everyone. Be creative like the bike build I found it interesting and informative!

  17. Hell yeah man. Nothing but love and respect for what you are doing here! Never stop! It's very very much appreciated!

  18. Thanks for the new video! I enjoy your videos and the work you put in to them. I am subscribed to your channel. Keep working hard and your channel will get bigger. I found you from watching Sasnak so keep networking. Keep your head up Hobotech!! You are loved here.

  19. I'll tell you what the few folks that watch me say whenever I start talking about trying to produce videos for them. They say, "it's your vLog, put up the content that you want to put up, forget what any one says … "you cain't please everyone …" I'm heading for Coeur D'Alene on the 11th of May [got family up there]. I'm not going to be in a hurry … might linger for a month in the eastern Sierra's. If you like dark beers, give Smoked Porter from the Stone brewery a try. It's near impossible to find, but it's one of my favorites! Anyway, safe travels, dude.

  20. Tom,
    I know you are trying to build your channel and get as many sub's as you can but from what I have witnessed on all the other channels I watch, you are only going to hit your target as far as people liking your content 50% of the time. Evidently some people do not know how to hit the stop button on a video that they find boring or whatever. They would rather bitch and critique every little thing. Just do what all the other you tubers do and ignore it. I do not like every video I see (on all the channels I watch) but a lot of people DO like the videos I do not like. So there you go…just keep doing what you are doing.
    Also…if you are getting spark knock when using 87 octane but it goes away if you run higher octane….that is a classic symptom of carbon buildup on top of the pistons. The carbon increases the compression of the cylinders which then requires higher octane fuel to get rid of the detonation. A lot of people swear by Marvel Mystery oil but I found that Techron brand fuel additive
    when used regularly will eventually remove some of it. That is an older engine so you will never get rid of all of it unless you overhaul the engine. I recommend ordering a case of Techron on Amazon because it is much cheaper online, and many auto parts stores do not carry it. If the Marvel oil does not help after a month, I would try the Techron…you got nothing to lose.

  21. I thought you fell in,lol. You need to make more videos even if they are just you talking to the camera. We like to see you and hear what's going on otherwise we start to forget about your channel and it's a good channel. Don't be such a perfectionist and just throw a live feed video out there once in a while too.

  22. When you go through South Dakota just west of Sturgis is a place called Spearfish South Dakota there's a canyon they're called Spearfish Canyon awesome Dr there are campgrounds up there lots of waterfalls as far as your bike videos go I thought they were pretty cool and informative and so are your travel blogs keep up the good work don't worry about the haters you can't make everybody happy.

  23. Thank you Hobo, truck spaces are very limited out east and when a rv takes a spot it don’t set well , ask sasnak man he’ll tell you

  24. You do a great job and you need "you time" and "father time" your out there to enjoy life not have it rule you. Carry on.

  25. Can't please everyone Tom. I enjoy most of your published vids. You need to feed the kitty more. LOL that was a beautiful shot of him chomping down on your wrist. My little girl Chanel does me the same way. She is a Yorke Poodle mix. her mother was a Slut.

  26. find all of your videos great content….enjoy them…..your doing fine…..that worrying about more subs….will happen when it does…Just keep being you…thanks man

  27. Hi mate – yes I certainly like you Vlogs more than tech tips. And I will never really appreciate all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes as that is the audience's perogative to be remiss on that account. So let me give you a tech tip – buy an iPhone X and simplify! Construct stuff all in one hit and glue it together. Plan it that way for 80% of your productions – use a formula. We who subscibe want only one thing – more! You do the rest.

  28. I enjoy your videos and am sure you put a lot of time into them. maybe we can meet up when you get to Idaho…


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