I turn 25 in NYC!! We have a lovely weekend celebrating Joey’s Cousin’s Wedding, my 25th birthday, and Joey surprises me with diamonds!!! love you booo ♡

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my fav shoes that I wore everyday in NYC:
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  1. I am doing my first full time clinical affiliation for PT in NYC this summer! So excited! Happy you had a nice time there 🙂

  2. New York looks so beautiful!!! I need to go ASAP! More so now, but that's not going to happen lol! Joey is rocking it with those moves!! 🎶 Your videos always make me smile girl ❤️ Embrace the 25!! Take 1, 2, 3! Third times a charm! Those earrings​ are CUTE! Love you girl ❤️

  3. New York – Manhattan – and Calfornia are my favorite places to visit in the United States. NY is exciting and Calfornia is just beautiful and the weather is so perfect. My grandparents live in San Jose so I went there every summer of my life and we would go to LA, San Fran, San Diago and all the major cities. My first trip to NY was when I was 18 so I associate it with being grown, lol. My grandparents have passed, but I still go there to visit. I feel like we will cross paths in CA or FL oneday. I will say hello if it happens! Love your vlogs girl! Don't apologize for the length, you are one of the few vloggers with a real career. They are still great! Happy birthday, Joey got you a beautiful gift! Next is the bracelet and then…!!💍💍💜

  4. Hi B!!! Happy belated 🎂 I live in NY state. An hour away from the city. When you come back to NY, hopefully I can meet you and Joey. Nice moves speaking of Joey. 😊

  5. That’s so odd that he makes fun of you! Even jokingly, I wouldn’t like that. I don’t do, “douchie or cocky,” well at all. I do however want you to be happy!! 🙂 Happy 25th Birthday, Bianca!! I’m glad you had a blast in NYC!! You deserve the BEST! xxxhugsxxx 🌷🤗🦋

  6. I'm not sure if Bianca has answered this before or not, but what does Joey do for a living. Such a lovely couple 🙂

  7. Happy late Birthday and I love the ear rings with the jacket he did good!!! Love your channel and I will see you the next time. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Bianca you have gotten so good I don't even have to finish watching before I click like. This is a GREAT video! I love the way you did it! Joey dancing was IMPRESSIVE AF. I love that guy. He's great to you too. Those earrings are beautiful with and without the jacket! Happy Belated Birthday! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  9. Hey B.  Call or text Keren or go on twitter.  She needs a great friend like you.  I'm not happy about what's going on TBH.

  10. My sweet daughter turned 25 too may 28 happy late bday chica hope u had a blast i no my daughter with june 9 we are planing a party she dont no about

  11. I don't understand how your only 25 and already graduated from college and travel nursing. did you graduate early or something cause it makes no sense to me lol


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